bad luck grand daughter

April 10, 2018 General Studies

A bad luck grand daughter
I am the little girl who was born in a normal family with full of parent’s lover. We came to the U.S. since I was twelve years old. I am so excited to meet my grandma. I thought that I am the only grand daughter in the family, so she will put more attention on me. In Viet Nam, they always put the value of men above women. My father is the eldest son in our family and that was the reason why my grandma wanted him to have a son. So the son can continued the traditional values of the family. I always try to do what my grandma wanted to hope that we could get closer to each other. One day, my cousin and I quarreled about cleaning the stuffs that he had left on the floor. She ran out of the room and one thing that made me despair was she stood at his side. That made a deep memory in me. I argued, “Why do you always defend for him even though he was wrong?” That was the first time I said to her with that voice. My heart beat so fast but tried to stand straight to see what was going when I said that. “If you are a boy, then I will treat you like him, like my grand son!” she blurted. I stand like an instant person for a while and then as I turned my back, my tear was rolling down my face. “She always does that to me,” I ran into my room and cried. “I wish I am not a girl!” I wanted to stop crying but I can not. My tears flowed down like rain. My mother whimpered, “Every thing will be fine honey; no matter what you are, you always my wonderful daughter.” When I heard that, I stopped crying and I think
that I had to love her more than this. Sometimes I thought because I was not living with my grandma when I was little or she can just saw a boy in her eyes. As I seat on the sofa, I saw my cousin ran and broke grandma’s favorite vase. She immediately ran out and checks if he wounded or not. But to me that was impossible. Instead of ran out and ask me, she would do the opposite. Grandma always introduces her grand son to everyone…


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