Badminton Critique Essay

August 21, 2017 General Studies

Badminton has been known as a backyard athletics for centuries. Started around the fifth century as a series of related games in Asia. Badminton has grown to go a world-wide game. Though we can non compare its popularity to games such as Tennis. it’s a turning athletics in the international scene. A publication in Slate. com dated August 01. 2012. shows how some participants can flex regulations to their ain advantage ; a direct abuse to the moralss of the game. This article talks about the moralss of sportsmanship.

It illustrates how eight female Badminton participants from South Korea. Indonesia. and China intentionally decided to lose on their first dual lucifers in order to stand a opportunity of run intoing a weak opposition on their 2nd lucifers. 16 squads had entered the Olympic lucifers and as per the regulations of the competition. half of these squads would measure up from the preliminaries to the smasher lucifers. At the smasher phase. it would be easier for a squad to procure a topographic point in the decorations game.

Seizing this chance. one Chinese squad. two South Korean squads. and one Indonesian squad decided to play the portion of the underdog. China had two squads at the game and so did South Korea. Therefore in order to stand a opportunity of deriving two Olympic decorations from Badminton. neither state wanted both of their squads to run into at the smasher stage. This started when one of the Chinese squads consisting of Zhao Yunlei and Tian Qing lost to Denmark’s Christinna Pedersen and Kamilla Rytter Juhl giving a green visible radiation for the two China’s squads to run into at the semifinals of the smasher lucifers.

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This would strip China the opportunity of geting two decorations at the finals. To avoid this scenario. the Chinese decided to intentionally do the other squad lose. The South Koreans saw this fast one in clip and decided that it’d be in their best involvement to lose every bit good. In the undermentioned game between the South Koreans and the Chinese. both squads tried their best to lose. They hit the birdie from one side of the net to the other as high school pupils on a pattern lucifer. Fans booed and cursed to no help. Finally. the Chinese got lucky and lost.

This prompted the South Koreans Badminton Ethics 3 to seek their best to lose their following game against as their other squad faced the Indonesian. The thought was to lose so that they could avoid playing against their countrymen in the one-fourth concluding lucifers. The Indonesians on the other had wanted to lose so that they won’t face the almighty Chinese squad that had intentionally lost. All these tactics didn’t travel good with the Badminton universe federation. They accused them of showing themselves in a manner detrimental to this athletics and expelled all these four squads from the Olympics matched.

The non so-loved squads were eventually out of the spotlight. at least for this competition. As any other athleticss. badminton has its set of regulations that have to be followed. The kernel of the Olympic titles is to portray 1s endowment in a athletics. and non trickery. Professional sportswomans have an duty to honour the regulations of their athleticss as a manner of portraying a good and encouraging civilization that will populate to travel the athleticss into higher highs. Though winning is the ultimate end of any rival. winning with self-respect is of extreme value.

It pays for an jock to show himself/herself as an admirable illustration that others can emulate ; that long after 1s old ages of active completion. one’s bequest will populate on to state a narrative. As any other title game that employs the usage of smashers in choosing squads to vie for the decorations. more frequently than non squads ever play to their ain involvements. However. this is non the civilization of sportsmanship that we want to construct. I remember playing Badminton several old ages ago in High school in a distant portion of Africa.

I didn’t cognize what the regulations of the game were. merely drop the birdie on the opponent’s side of the field within the pronounced parametric quantity and you have scored a point. Thus. for this game to turn and distribute to the highs of association football and the similar. professional participants have to show themselves in a manner that will actuate the common people to develop an involvement in the game. Cheating is non an option. if one can non afford to lose with humbleness in a well-played game in which both parties put in their best attempt. so. one is non a sportswoman.


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