Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map Essay

September 24, 2017 General Studies

Balanced Scorecard: Part of a system that translates scheme into action. Besides. gives a balanced position in four positions of how good an organisation is driving executing and how successful the consequences are. The four positions in the balanced scorecard and scheme map give executives a more balanced position of their organisation.

Strategy Map: Represents how an organisation will put to death its scheme. The Strategy Map shows the aims needed to put to death the scheme and insouciant links between aims. It can besides be a tool for clear communicating and aid place the “critical few” prosodies to supervise strategic executing.


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The first of the four facets contained in the Balanced Scorecard is the Customers. Finding ways to appeal to your clients can be a tough undertaking. but it is one that has to be assessed. For my company. we will hold to distinguish between seeking to be the wide discriminator or seeking to be the low-priced leader. Customer ailments and concerns can besides be an issue. so we will desire to supervise and enter all of those statements to guarantee client satisfaction.

In order for us to win financially. we have to do certain that we are showing ourselves good to our stockholders. Do we desire to accomplish a certain net incomes per portion or a certain income figure? Our end this twelvemonth may be to interrupt even or make a certain gross degree. Whichever the instance may be. we will hold to be steadfast in what we are seeking to carry through. The fiscal subdivision of the scorecard looks at the company’s fiscal ends and how they are run intoing the ends both presently and in the hereafter. For my company. it will be the most of import metric because we want to demo our stockholders the exact advancement and growing of the company accurately.

Our company will desire to go on to turn and hold the ability to accommodate and better. In order to make so. we will hold to supply item prosodies to track our growing and enlargement if there is any. Prosodies may include employee keeping rates or even the figure of preparation hours for full-time employees. As an organisation. it is necessary to accommodate to a changing landscape through employee preparation. acquisition. and development. With these prosodies we can look into the hereafter of the organisation. alternatively of taking a snapshot of how the organisation is executing right now.

To fulfill our stockholders and clients. we can either sell a big measure of points at a low monetary value or concentrate wholly on a high quality merchandise that comes at a premium monetary value. Both schemes could be effectual. but we will merely be able to take one to carry through the vision of what we want the company to be in the hereafter.

The Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard go manus in manus and are critical platforms that all companies need to be successful. I like to compare it to the cheques and balances system that our authorities has had in topographic point since its birth. The balanced scorecard proctors fundss. public presentation. growing. and vision while the scheme map makes certain that all of these prosodies are organized and focused towards accomplishing our companies’ ends.


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