Ballistic pendulum lab

December 18, 2017 Law

Ensure that the device is balanced so that the ball will shoot directly into the pendulum. 2. With the pendulum motionless, the red bar should be gently touching against the back of the pendulum. 3. Pull back on the launcher (like a pinball machine) so that it locks into one of the grooves. 4. Insert the ball in the front of the launcher. It will not go all the way in. 5. Push the launcher release lever (the thumb release is near the base). 6. Measure the angle that the red bar shows. 7. Repeat these steps at the same speed setting four more times.

Observations: Trial 1st Angle 2nd Angle 3rd Angle 5 Analysis: Error: Environmental factors -We encountered some error due to environmental factor which was a result of the vibration of the pendulum box when the projectile was shot. Also, the surface were the experiment was performed was tilted which caused inaccuracy in measurement of the angles Failure to check zero of instrument -We also encountered error due failure to check zero of the ballistic pendulum device after each successive shot of the pendulum.

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Failure to re-zero the ballistic pendulum device caused a system error in the measurement of the angles. Parallax error: We encountered error due to parallax when reading the measurement off the scale, which led to high and low reading of the angles off the scale. Concluding Statement: The Law of Conservation of Energy and the principle of conservation of momentum combined with trig functions was used to find the velocity of the projectile. A challenge to overcome was the vibration caused by the plastic box when the projectile was fired.

This challenge as solved by re-measuring the center of balance of the box and making a mechanism that would stop the projectile in a consistent manner. Some sources of error also would be imperfect measuring tools, inconsistency with the shot (firing straight, catching consistently) and the error encountered when rearranging equations several times. All in all, this lab yielded very successful results, and it helps to confirm the idea that the velocity of a projectile can be figured out by using the angle that is created when the shot is fired.


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