Bank of America case analysis Essay

August 19, 2017 Engineering

Problem statement
The chief job in this instance is that whether bank of America add the complicate app and add more new characteristics or non. If they add the new complexness application. it could be batch of money. and it could besides give their users some negative consequence. Like the instance described “it is ill-defined if users were ready to subscribe up for mortgages or recognition cards on their nomadic phones. ” BofA concerns about how the nomadic banking affect their clients. Because behavioural factor is really of import that made people to accept the new things reluctantly or non. From the market study we know that there are three chief grounds that people non to utilize the nomadic banking: concerns of security. cost of informations. less value. So if bank of America want to add their new app or add more hereafters. they should get by with those three factors at first.


I think bank of America should add new apps. because they can acquire betterment about their client trueness and satisfaction. and they can derive more market portion organize this manner. If they didn’t construct it. possibly they will behind that of other Bankss. Another ground is that with the development of the communicating engineering. there will be have full of the clients have their smartphone instead than the regular phones. so it can give bank of America more assurance to add app for smartphone clients. One of the most grounds for people non utilizing nomadic banking is the security concern. So how to better security on people’s Mobile devices has become a really of import thing. They can do an external device for their nomadic banking. The external device can infix into the earphone doodly-squat on smartphone. After the connexion. client should skid their card. and so system will be prompted to come in some personal hallmark information. and so will direct a message for their smartphone to acquire the confirmation codification before usage the nomadic banking to make their history activities. Customer can acquire this external device for free if they open an history at bank of America. But if they lost it they should pay it for $ 30 to acquire another. This external device can do certain that clients don’t have to worry about security issues. With this security job solved. BofA will derive more clients and more market portions.

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