Banyan romance of travel and the beauty

February 14, 2019 Tourism

Banyan Tree and Angsana offer services that the beach resort, spars, hotels and galleries have. These properties were bound together by one central theme: the romance of travel and the beauty of discovering the world. Banyan tree targeted the higher end of the luxury resorts market. Banyan Tree targeted the higher end of luxury resorts market while Angsana was more mainstream and contemporary, targeting the wider market.

Angsana was more mainstream and ontemporary, targeting the wider market Angsama range boutiques hotels catered specifically to the soft adventure tourism segment, locating in remote and exotic places that cannot justify the premium prices charged by Banyan Tree Villas. The Various brands thus served to cater to different segments of the hotels and resorts industry, made distinct by price and benefits offered. The city hotel was also positioned similary on roamce and intimacy although it additionally catered to business traveleres. There is a heavy emphasis on spa, designed to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It aslo offered vaious getaway/wedding package for couples to indulge in romance and intimacy . As mentioned earlier, the various facilities, such as spas and retail outlets, found across Banyan Tree resort, were also can be found at Banyan Tree Bangkok. In particular, the hotel had an open-air rooftop lounge, Vertigo, at the top of the building, where guests could get a good view of city; the lounge could also be used to host wedding receptions and other parties.

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Four broad product lines; accommodation, clubs, spas and retail outlets Banyan Tree’s product and wervices could be classified into essentially

Being the first and only resort to be positioned as such, banyan Tree occupied a unique position in the luxury resorts market when it first started. Focused promotion efforts with minimal wastage Banyan Tree’s communication program focused mainly on public relations and publicity, and direct marketing through web-sites and sales offices that targeted wealthy consumers, with little emphasis on advertising. As advertisements were selectively placed in one high-end travel magazine that targeted the higher income and more sophisticated segment of the market, astage in advertising exposure is minimized.

Promotion through agents specializing in exclusive holidays adequately exposed Banyan Tree to its target segment of wealthy consumers. Much positive publicity and public interest was generated as a result of the company’s investment on pro-environmental business practices, such as ponsoring various environmental conservation programs and community outreach programs.

Apart from these services that they offer to the customers, the Banyan Tree resort not only provide these services to the customers, they involve them in some activities specifically in education programs, team building activities. By doing this they add value to customers by creating a sense of achievement. The beach resort, spas and galleries, therefore, fits as a family since they are interdependent on each other. This means that the product portfolio of these products is what makes up the brand portfolio of the Banyan Tree.

4. What effect does the practice of corporate social responsibility have on brand equity? (10 marks)
Achieving branding consistency through management by brand:
Management of the portfolio by brand would achieve more consistency in branding and positioning, and also make it easier to cross-sell and bundle products, although such an arrangement would require duplication in resources for various functions.

Corporate social responsibility helps a company in developing its public perception of the company. Good corporate social responsibility will help to create a stromg brand since the society will talk of the good of the company thereby drawing in more customers unlike a company with a bad reputation, where all its customers and the public try to stay away from the company due to its poor reputation. Corporate social responsibility eans contributing positively to the quality of the community as well as the work force. Banyan Tree, for example, practiced corporate social responsibility through involving the local community in its agendas, for example, buying their products and employing the local artisans.
Corporate social responsibility helps a brand expand. When a certain brand is supported by the community, it will be able to acquire the funds needed for it to expand and the community wil demand that brand. When the society recognize the quality of the product, they are able to promote it financially as well as structurally. Bantan tree benefited the environment through the creation of employment of the local people and involving themselves in community based projects which aimed at developing the communities surrounding the Banyan TreeResorts. This made their products easily recognizable to the local community, where the locals were willing to give more of what they had to help to build the resort.

5. What potential problems do you foresee bringing Banyan Tree to the Americas, Europe and the middle East? How could Banyan Tree address those issues? (20 marks)
Although Banyan Tree continue to expand and bringing in the brand to other european countries and America and as well as Middle East, they however have face the problems in their attempts to do so as establishing too many of their brands could dilute the brand. Some of their brands however, would do not so well because they are just too many of their brand. Hence, they should finds ways of balancing their brands to avoid being too concentrated in those areas.
This may cause some conflicts with the existing resorts and hotels in areas as they would consider the Banyan Tree to have gained control of their market. This reception is not too good for the business as it crops out rivalry with the surrounding hotel businesses. However, the brand could negotiate with the existing hotel businesses in the area so as to know which services to offer and may also form partnerships with th existing hotel industries in the region other than sel up independent resorts (Palma 2011)


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