Based on the ethics and laws of healthcare systems and guidance

By April 15, 2019 Nursing

Based on the ethics and laws of healthcare systems and guidance, respect for patients and their valuables is of great importance in paying respect to the ethics guiding health laws. Based on what has transpired between the RM and the nursing student concerning the valuables of the patient, I believe that the nurse student breached the context of good conduct as far as nursing ethics are concerned (Chitty, 2015). There is the breach of the criminal and corruption act. The student has violated the requirement that nurses and nursing students should respect the property of their patients. This is a show of standard quality of service that is delivered in a trustworthy environment. Therefore, by not respecting the patient’s property as well breaches the registered nurse act that controls the basic conduct of nurses and the nurse students under placement. The health practitioner regulation national law is also in violation given the fact that it gives the basis of all working frameworks of nurses (Bulman ; Schutz, 2013).
The implication to the healthcare facility as a result of this event is that there is need for emphasis on the respect to the codes of ethics to be put into consideration in the nursing health laws. In that aspect, therefore, more emphasis when training the student nurses should be put on the laws that are applicable when violations in the nursing facilities are made. For that reason, therefore empowering nursing students to put into practice all that the nursing ethics and health law state is of great concern (Buka, 2014). The personal experience that I can relate to is when I noticed a registered nurse almost lose her job due to the loss of a patient’s possessions. Based on the fact that the nurse was in administration during the admitting of the patient, she was supposed to be fully responsible for her possessions. Therefore, the loss stipulated violation of her job ethics and inconsideration of the patient’s possessions thus making her liable for punishment. From this scenario.


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