Batas Militar Essay

August 16, 2017 Human Rights

Batas Militar. normally known in its English interlingual rendition as “Martial Law” . As stated in the 1973 Constitution of the Philippine Republic that the Prime Minister as the Commander-in-Chief may declare Martial Law under the same conditions. “in instance of invasion. rebellion or rebellion. or at hand danger thereof. the public safety requires it. This announcement besides suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus. this suspends the human rights of an accused individual to be fight for what he believe is right in forepart of an authorization. but alternatively his destiny depends upon the attitude of the President towards him. On the first yearss of this announcement. I believe the state responded good. because they besides believe that the Philippines is ill. rebellion against the authorities has been in power in some rural topographic points and Communist armed forces are seeking to occupy the state. But I besides believed that the authorization who is Ferdinand Marcos during that clip exceeded to his restrictions as the caput of province.

During the Martial jurisprudence. Marcos amended the fundamental law for several times and I believe he used this for his ain good. Democracy has been ceased and no intelligence opposing the Marcos disposal can be seen in circular and even in the broadcast media such as wireless and telecasting. they besides put into closing those media Stationss that attack the incorrect behaviors and failures of the Marcos disposal. They put into prison those people whose merely nonsubjective is to state what they think is right and what they think is best for the state. Democracy and human rights has been violated during this clip. non to advert the allegations of corruptness and misdemeanor of its ain fundamental law has been brought to President Marcos.

I surely believed that during the Martial Law epoch. non to advert the good things that this announcement brought to us such as subject. obeisance and trueness to the 1 who is in power. This announcement of Martial jurisprudence has been used by the governments in such a manner that the citizens of this state will detest them. go againsting their ain fundamental law. perverting the money of the people. perverting the rights of the citizens. perverting the heads of the military whose premier aim is to support the state and non to ache the citizens. Human Rights should non be sacrificed merely to obtain a common end. In order for us to travel frontward. we should put our ends and vision with due regard to the rights of the citizens and regard to our ain fundamental law.

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