Battle of Conformity and Non-conformity Essay

October 22, 2017 General Studies

In Tom Schulman’s Dead Poets Society a group of bright pupils are enrolled in a esteemed New England private school named Welton Academy. This school stresses conformance and tradition as one of its hallmarks. In order to last in this school one must ne’er dispute the establishment. Dead Poets Society is a powerful illustration of the changeless conflict between conformance and non-conformity.

Mr. Keating. a instructor at Welton. battles on the side of non-conformity and free- thought. On the first twenty-four hours of school. he shows them a image of past categories. He tells them that they are all in the Earth now. and they have a message for his current pupils. The message was “carpe diem” . or “seize the day” . He is stating them that one-day they will be dead. so it is imperative that they “make their lives extraordinary” and to “carpe diem” . prehend the twenty-four hours. Carpe diem is of import because he tells them to follow their dreams. but in many instances their dreams went against the rules of the school. Through his irregular instruction manner he taught them that conformance was non necessary. Many of the verse forms he taught them all preached carpe diem. such as the followers: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may Old clip is still a flight And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be deceasing.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may” means that do your dreams come true before you die. However. they could ne’er populate their dreams if they conformed to what their parents wanted. or what their chief wanted. Another illustration of how his instruction promoted free thought and non-conformity was the manner he ripped out the debut by J. Evans Prichard. He didn’t desire his pupils to conform to Prichard’s positions on poesy he wanted them to organize their ain positions. He called the debut “excrement” and yelled “rip it. rend it out” . Everyday in his schoolroom there would be a lesson that preached against non-conformity along with poesy.

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After reading a verse form. Mr. Keating stood up on the tabular array and said. “Why do I stand here? To experience taller than you? I stand on my desk to remind myself that we must invariably coerce ourselves to look at things otherwise. ” He so invites his pupils to stand up. This is evidently a lesson in free thought and non-conformity. He is stating that there is more than one position to everything. and he is ask foring them to be unconventional. Mr. Keating helps about all of his pupils become free minds and non-conformists. This is illustrated at the terminal. when they all stand on their desks.

Mr. Nolan. the principal at Welton. is a adult male who believes that tradition and conformance should be upheld in all instances. From the first twenty-four hours of school. he teaches them ne’er to diverge from tradition. In the gap assembly. every word spoken by the pupils is done in unison. They all recite the four pillars. which are tradition. award. excellence. and subject.

Neil Perry is a victim of society’s need for conformance. He is a Welton pupil. who has been entrapped in his father’s web of limitations.


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