Baz Luhrmann’s appropriation “Romeo and Juliet” Essay

July 22, 2017 Music

Baz Luhrmann’s movie. Romeo and Juliet. is really successful as an appropriation of the original drama by Shakespeare. Transforming the pre-16th century drama into a modern-day popular civilization movie was done creatively by maintaining the same values and linguistic communication. but altering the context. This is illustrated by the usage of mistimings. For case. stickers and blades are replaced by guns every bit good as autos stand in for Equus caballuss. The differences between members of the two households ( the Capulets and the Montagues ) evoke associations with multiethnic pack warfare. Their feud reflects the behavior of Mafia households. Using these modernizing elements. he achieves an entreaty to the modern-day teenage audience and the alterations in the movie make a more comprehendible significance to the audience because people can associate to it better and this is why the movie is so piquant.

The movie is set in a modern twenty-four hours metropolis where force occurs on a regular basis. In the gap scene. a telecasting screen is in position and a intelligence newsman is speaking. This instantly allows people to gain the clip period which the movie is set in. Then there is a sequence of scenes which includes shootings of scenery. people contending. newspaper articles and loud twine music is played in the background. There is a batch of redacting and cutting in this sequence which makes it travel really fast. The following scene is where the Montague pack is at the gasoline station. Loud cheerful music is played in the background. The loud music and bright coloured costumes represent the life of this metropolis. The usage of guns and exchangeable autos contribute to the modern-day ambiance. The movie techniques include utilizing a handheld camera which creates a “realistic” consequence.

This is used in the sequence of different shootings where there is fire and choppers and guns. The ground why it is so realistic is because the quality of the shooting and the manner it is presented make it seem like something that would be seen on the intelligence. But the words that appear between the shootings. for illustration. “In just Verona” and “a brace of star-cross’d lovers take their life” is taken from the drama so it is Shakespearian linguistic communication. The text is placed with modern-day ocular artworks. yet they do non collide together. The consequence of this is that people do non take their attending off when they are presented with linguistic communication that they may non wholly understand. Alternatively. they can link the text and the sequence together.

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Besides. the word picture used in the movie is done good to add to the modern-day ambiance. For illustration. the Montague pack is non presented as “well-behaved servants” . Alternatively. they are loud. extravert. and hideous. Paris is “bachelor of the year” alternatively of being a “kinsman of a prince” type figure. No 1 in the movie is presented as a theoretical account of a “perfect citizen” . The Capulet pack wears Hawaiian shirts. one even unbuttoned to uncover their bare thorax. They have more rebellious manners of hair ; pink. shaved and bleached. Luhrmann uses the images of the households to do one appear submissive and docile while the other is unscrupulous and aggressive. The Capulet’s have rather clearly been portrayed as the ‘baddies’ of the narrative. The ground why Luhrmann have done this is to portray the typical “villain” function. which is given to the Capulet pack. In Shakespeare’s clip. homosexual work forces were non accepted in the society and different cultural groups did non blend together.

In the movie. Mercutio is a homosexual and besides black. and in today’s society the different gender and race are accepted. Even the maestro of the family. Mr. Capulet. is non perceived as an archetypical “wealthy and noble” character. The priest is besides non a typical Christian and he would hold been a controversial character if he was presented during Shakespeare’s clip. Besides. Baz Luhrmann has chosen two beautiful. “blonde hair and bluish eyed” histrions to play the portion of Romeo and Juliet. This makes their function idealistic. All of the characters in the movie are non “refined” . as they would hold been in the drama. This is a contemplation of today’s civilization and the audience can associate to the movie better. And because of this. the duologue will non impact the audience excessively much and they would still be able to follow along with the plot line.

Although the word picture of the movie is rather different from the word picture of the drama. Baz Luhrmann has kept the original values and issues and has presented them good in the movie. The issue of “peace and order” is presented with the constabulary captain speaking to the Capulets and the Montagues in a conference room. Once once more. Luhrmann has used elements of today’s civilization in the movie to replace the bing civilization in the drama. The constabulary are used to cover with justness and penalty alternatively of the prince. The character’s faith is really of import in the movie and the rood is a symbol that is used. Romeo and Juliet get married in the church where they are accompanied by the priest and a chorus. The big statue that reoccurs in many scenes is a spiritual figure and inside the edifice. where Juliet lays on her deathbed. is filled with crosses and tapers. All of these elements make up a really discernible fact that faith is. to a great extent. acknowledged in the movie. Luhrmann has made the values and issues raised in the drama more typical in the movie by utilizing these modernised elements.

A alteration in the context of the drama besides add to the modern ambiance. A originative reading of the original text is used. when Luhrmann turns the Queen Mab address. which Romeo gets from Mercutio before they go to the Capulet’s party. into an Ecstasy pill. Furthermore he leaves a few text-passages out by showing it visually. In a few instances he even changes Shakespeare’s secret plan. This becomes obvious when Juliet awakes before Romeo has died. This differs from Shakespeare’s original text. With the usage of particular film-techniques. Luhrmann achieves a dramatization of the scene. In the scene when Juliet awakes before Romeo has drank the toxicant. the alteration of the plotline consequences to a more amazed reaction from the audience. as they would be anticipating the cliched stoping. which is the 1 in the original drama.

Baz Luhrmann’s movie is really successful as an appropriation of the original drama non merely because of his originative ways in overhauling the drama. but because the movie itself can do one understand the extremeness of the state of affairs in the plot line. That is. in the original drama. Equus caballuss and blades were used in the conflicts and when people read the drama. they may non gain how terrible and unsafe the fortunes are because there are excessively many historical mentions to blades and Equus caballuss that it has lost its effectivity. But in the movie. Luhrmann has used fire. guns. autos. and detonations to underscore the earnestness of the state of affairs. Peoples are more familiar with this kind of force because it is seen in the media and therefore it will look more realistic to them. And the sentiment that people may obtain will be more practical and dynamic. This is why the movie is so successful. it compels people to understand the original drama a batch better.


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