be, know, and do

January 21, 2017 General Studies

The fundamentals of the BE, KNOW, and DO attributes is techniques for leaders to use in real life situations. To show how they interrelate to other leadership techniques. Leaders must acquire them through study and application. The key is to understand how the various leadership fundamentals can work best for you.

As a leader you must Be a person of strong character committed to professional moral standard. You must set the correct example of individual values and Be able to resolve complex problems. You must understand that you are transmitting your beliefs and values to your followers by the behavior you display. You inform them of the norm and behavior that you will accept from them by your personal conduct and behavior. .

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As a leader you must Know the four factors of leadership and how they affect each other. You need to Know standard yourself, your job, and your unit to be an effective leader. Knowledge is far more important than memorization, it is understanding. Your subordinates expect you to be the most knowledgeable person in the unit. You, as a leader, owe it to your followers to meet these expectations.

As a leader you must Do: Purpose. You must explain the “why” in communicating intent so that your followers clearly understand the desired outcome. Direction: You must listen to your superior, then support him or her by proving assistance in keeping the task on track and providing guidance and supervision to your team members. Motivation: Motivation is the cause of action, the required incentive; it is what gives you and your follower the will to accomplish the mission. .

The traits and principles of leadership as well as the BE, KNOW, DO attributes provide a framework for the development and self-evaluation of a leader. Use them in conjunction with other leadership techniques to access yourself and develop a plan of action to add to your leadership skills and abilities.


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