Before of what they are capable of

By February 11, 2019 General Studies

Before World War I and World War II even started, women had to take care of their family and children, such as cleaning, tending for the house, and cooking for the family. Women were more likely to be judged by their beauty instead of what they are capable of doing. Just as World War I was about to commence, women were starting to split away from the habitual jobs they had performed at home. During both World Wars, women in the United States had faced similar obstacles and had to endure the harsh conditions. In comparison to the First and Second World Wars, both events had set a magnificent modification within the ways that women communicated with the rest of the world. They took on multiple roles at home which traditionally belonged to men since several men within the United States had to serve in the war. But in any case, throughout the Second World War, women were trusted with significantly more opportunities and responsibilities than they had in the First World War.


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