Begging and Mama King

May 2, 2018 General Studies

The chapter starts off with the understanding that there is the coming of Mama King’s daughter Token and Cyclette. Matron is in great fear of this confrontation. However she does a routine each day to be ready for this upcoming event, looking through the window down the road heading to the house but then nature took cores between 10 to midday and the sky was over taken by the rain. Then old Miss Turvey would sing out a song to the rain. On the progressing day they had arrive to the house wet and dripping. They solemnly interrogated and argue with Miss Matron for taking away their mother’s self-respect, making her feel very uncomfortable.

Cyclette then made a stand to state that she will be further taking care of her mother. As they left Matron then felt the hard pain due to the fact that she was violated, she then requested the comfort from Nurse Douglas and was gladly comforted. Matron made reference to her mother and saw that she clearly had no choice but to carry on and with an insane belief of them returning. Carlton comes alone to see everyone for a last time as he explain his discontinuation of work at the “frangipani house” he also gave the news of Nurse Carey’s leaving, to be married by Solo.

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Listing her problems, Matron then ask for faith so she wouldn’t be a painted crake in the wall. Chapter 19 Summary: The news of Nurse Carey getting married to Solo Mama king’s Grandson went around very fast. The ladies had a chat about it and gave there life experience to the matter. Miss Turvey questions the event and then told why she didn’t get married. Miss Dickson acknowledges the event and also stated her thoughts toward marriage and then question Miss Matron on the topic which lead to her reviling a life story. Matron was married at a young age to a very old man who had a passion for drinking.

She was actually given to the man because they had own the old man some money. Matron then went to tidy up Mama King’s room , she even cut some flowers , while turning over some clothes she organised them in a set she would sell and a set she would say has gone missing. She believes that Mama King wouldn’t return but still waited. Matron was actually scared of Cyclette and therefore requested company of Bubble Elder. She understood Token but not Cyclette. Matron didn’t obtain much love in her life just pain from a drunken old man. Miss

Matron then came to an understanding, wanted Mama King to return to her care free of cost and was inspired to treat her wonderfully. She then went to speck to Mama King but as she entered her appearance was question by Mama King in the presents of the beggars. When the beggars had gone Mama King became scared and believes Matron wanted to inject drugs into her like she would do at the house Mama King then yell, a nurse came and Matron had decided to leave. Mama King went to sleep dreaming of the time Danny’s mother tried to take Token from her but she was waken but the load noise of firstly unfamiliar face which really was her family.

They had a very long discussion of where Mama King would go Token believe it was best for her to go back to Frangipani House, Cyclette wanted to look after her, Cindy and her Husband Chuck was very willing to take care of her but Mama King wanted them all to go and leave her she said she would go with the beggar but then receive a latter which stated that it wasn’t allowed then she requested Carlton. Mama then fell asleep. Token then spoke very wisely to them all, she went for a little air and returned eyeing the defiantly.


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