January 2, 2017 General Studies

There are many different views on how the earth was created. There is the view from the Bible, as the first story, Genesis tells us. There is also the mythological theory of how the earth was created. Many Indian tribes tell myths of how the earth was created, and the Cheyenne is one of them. Both of these stories of creation involve god’s and nature, but differ in their presentation.

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In both the Cheyenne Myth and Genesis 1-3 we are introduced to a world creator. The difference is in the presentation of these creators. In Genesis 1-3, God speaks as humans do, and his words are quoted throughout the story. This voice is the only human quality we really can detect about God. In contrast, in the case of the Spirit Maheo we can identify with his senses because he is able to see what he has made, feel the coolness of the water, taste salt on his lips, and hear splashing feet and flapping wings. We believe that he is human because he waves his arms to make birds fly and reaches out his hand to beckon animals to him and rolls mud between his palms. He displays human appreciation when he thinks in his heart how beautiful the world is. He shows human feelings when he supports the coot telling him that no man can do better than his best, and thanks the coot for his endeavor and offers him protection as a sign of gratitude for his act. Another human quality shown by Maheo is the fact that he knows he cannot do this job of creation alone and he asks for help from the animals and also listens to their needs as they speak to him and fulfills their wishes. .

With the creation of the world comes the creation of nature itself. Both stories show the creation of water, land, animals, fish, birds, the sea, and the trees. In How the World Was Made the importance of nature in life is much stronger than in The Creation and the Fall. In the latter writing, God creates man to have power over nature.


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