Behavioural Analysis


The brooding essay analyses my behavior associating to my personality traits and motivational factors. The essay via media of brooding and behavioral analysis, definition of Behaviour ; “Behaviour is an facet of an person ‘s head, the mode in which 1 reacts when one is confronted with a circumstance or an event” ( Vecchio, Hearn & A ; Southey, 1992 ) .Individual possesses a alone behavior of themselves, behaviour is straight relative to the happenings of events in their life. I will discourse my consequences which were surprising at few instances.I got to cognize positive every bit good as negative facets of my behavior which will supply strong base foundation for future.

Behavioral Analysis ; brooding essay is based on inquiries “What about me” concentrating on personality penetration ( 1.A.1 to 1.A.5 ) and motivational penetration ( 1.C.1 to 1.C.10 ) included in organisational behavior ego assessment library Cadmium, version 3.3 ( Robbins & A ; Judge, 2007b ) .

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Get downing with personality side of my behavior ; the initial analysis of ( I-A-1 ) . What ‘s my basic personality? ( Robbins & A ; Judge, 2007b ) .It accessed extremely on conscientiousness with a mark of 14, 13 extraversion, 13 Agreeableness,13 Emotional Stability and 9 openness to see.

Gordon Allport say ‘s personality is “the dynamic administration within the person of those psychophysical systems that determine his alone accommodations to his environment” ( Robbins, Millett & A ; Waters-Marsh, 2004, pp.100 ) .

A high mark of 14 on conscientiousness is wholly apprehended harmonizing to my outlook as I am painstaking and achievement oriented, determination of Principal and Staff in school to elect me as Head Boy during School ( 2002-03 ) proves a worth here, during my term I achieved aims and ends allotted in my mission. Academic Awards in Science, Mathematics and Hindi, Inter School Sports Trophy for Soccer and Cricket, and Cultural Fest.

I agree on my mark of extroversion.I was the Student Coordinator for College Management Fest ( MATTRIX 2007-08 ) .I was organizing with college squads from different provinces all together.

Agreeableness, the mark of 13 is good suited to me, I am a individual who can be trusted and concerted, this quality was right at that place from childhood, in Boarding School ( Scindia School ) we had Cafe Distribution, I was ever considered for the distribution due to swearing and concerted disposition.

Emotional stableness mark was unannounced, I partly agree with it, though I am non a unagitated individual nor enthusiastic to the extent of my mark of 13, when I was working with AOL ( America Online Ltd. ) during my term of office one time I had to manage a state of affairs where the client was really impatient and uncooperative, even after I had resolved his Technical job he was non holding on the fact that the job was solved, it was already 45 proceedingss on that call, I truly lost control over it, with a impolite tone I merely hung up the call.

I agree, I am non really unfastened to see and experience the modest mark of 9 ( I-A-1 ) is justificable.Most of the times I prefer familiar things, on occasion I do hold broad scope of involvements and a captivation with freshness and invention which is apparent from the fact that I went to a trip to a topographic point called Panchmari ( India ) which was about researching the deep woods and go toing a preparation cantonment.

( I-A-2 ) “What ‘s my Jungian 16 type personality? ”.My personality has been classified as ENTP type i.e. extravert, intuitive, believing and perceiving.It surprised me as I do n’t see myself as a complete extravert but individual nearby an introvert.I am a chatty person.I socialise good with people.During my flight to Melbourne I was in changeless touch with the people around inquiring them about different things and restless seeking to do contacts.But I avoid speaking to people who tend to hold an consequence on me indirectly or straight as I can experience the negative vibraphones coming out of them, it ‘s my mental conditioning, this is besides justified by psychologists who term it as “operant conditioning which means to develop a behavior in order to derive a positive wages or forestall a negative event in one ‘s life” ( Robbins, Judge, Millet & A ; Waters-Marsh, 2008 ) .I think a batch before showing anything allow it be a undertaking or any determination.

The lone fact of “What ‘s my Jungian 16-type personality? ” which I agree with is P type personality i.e. Perceiving.I think “if a individual can non self realize their ain worth it ‘s their fate” . When I was in International Conference at Bangladesh we were given a group activity where this cat called Andrew from UK was really loath about a last minute alteration which a group decided, he merely decided to endorse out and I took the duty of covering the subject which he was suppose to and we efficaciously managed to be one of the top five squads hiting an norm in the competition.

( I-A-3 ) People with type-A personality are 1s who are geared towards doing changeless attempt to derive more and more in limited clip even at times of opposing forces which makes them impatient ( Robbins & A ; Judge 2007a ) .My determinations are impulsive.I applied for University adjustment because it was n’t confirmed, I paid progress of 300 $ to the landlord. In group many a times my friends have pointed me out for cutting their conversation and disrupting in between even before they finish their conversations, these behavioral features justifies my assessment mark of 117.

( I-A-4 ) A mark of 21 is positive indicant in Ambiguity. In my old company I was asked to sell a Mazda coach to a client, it was a tough state of affairs as I worked in Administration, but I took it as a challenge, sold 2 coachs and was rewarded for it, this can be related to Variable ratio agenda besides i.e. “wages varies relative to the behavior of the person” . ( Robbins, Judge, Millet & A ; Waters-Marsh,2004, pg no.52 ) .

Creativity ( I-A-5 ) is “Individualistic, fresh, thought bring forthing process” ( Gregory. B & A ; Margaret. A,1990, pp.210 ) .I wholly agree with my mark of +3, as I am non originative to an utmost level.Sometimes I am originative by adding thought and thought to an on-going process.During a association football lucifer when my manager was proposing a program to be followed and he was stunned by an thought which I gave to set into operation which was more consequence oriented.

Discoursing inquiries on “Motivation Insights” . “Motivation is the act of triping an person to endeavor towards their established ends in order to accomplish it successfully”( Robbins & A ; Judge, 2007a ) .

( I-C-1 ) ‘What motivates me? ” . I have been judged to hold a high growing demand of 16, which I wholly agree. Alderfer ‘s ERG ( Existence, Relatedness and Growth ) theory ; “Harmonizing to his theory different persons attach different grade of importance to each of the above mentioned need classs and can endeavor to fulfill any of the demand groups without following a set form which is in little contrast to Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands theory which followed a order in which lower degree demands were satisfied before higher degree demands could be satisfied”( Robbins, Judge, Millet & A ; Waters-Marsh, 2004 ) .Success & A ; accomplishment, that is what I desire.While working with Earnest and Young ( Financial Organisation ) I was able to analyze the fiscal markets and change over money into more realisable asset.I will prosecute the same calling with added value to my cognition after MBA.Existence demands, mark of 13 is non agreeable as I am considerate of occupation security within the organisation.I was offered a occupation in Northern Trust Co. to prosecute a preparation in US for which there was no occupation warrant so I rejected the offer.

Discoursing about dominant demands ( I-C-2 ) , my mark is just in footings of Achievement-21, Affliation-15, Autonomy-15 and Power-16. I think “no 1 is perfect ; all improve from their past exposures”.I ever seek to execute better than my old public presentations specially in surveies, the difference can be seen in my Marks Cards from 12ThursdayGrade boulder clay Date as it shows an upwards trend.With success you automatically gain power it ‘s a proved fact which thrust others towards me, in category whenever at that place was group presentation most of my schoolmates preferred my group.McClelland ‘s theory of “demands besides consider accomplishment, power and association as three most actuating demands” ( Robbins, Judge, Millet & A ; Waters-Marsh, 2004 ) .

( I-C-3 ) “What Rewards Do I Value Most” ? .I tend to acquire motivated by factors like Recognition, Job Security, Prestigious Title etc.Score of 5 in acknowledgment and occupation security is agreeable as I like to be appraised for my work.I was judged as the best Speaker for the Debate competition held in Mayo College.I prefer a lasting occupation instead than a impermanent occupation, you ca n’t really concentrate on your work and strive through efficiency if you are non secured in an organisation.My mark of 4 in Good wage, esteemed Title, Interesting work, Opportunities to progress and friendly colleagues holds a small less importance.

Discoursing ( I-C-4 ) “What ‘s My View On The Nature Of The People? ” , I believe my mark of 19 is genuinely justifiable, as I fall in between theory X and theory Y.I have a inclination to work with different persons, it is a perfect image of my position on nature of people.My category was divided into groups holding competitions but I was comfy seting with everyone.

( I-C-5 ) “What are my Course Performance Goals? ”.Score of 11 has wholly impressed me.I am a Goal Oriented individual.I decided to prosecute MBA and will be specializing in finance as this directs me towards my objective.One factor I think is losing with public presentation end is clip which is pointed in the Enriching Goal-Setting Theory with Time ; An Integrated attack ( Fried & A ; Slowik, 2004 ) , “harmonizing to this theory most of the motive program fail to incorporate the clip factor and hence are non wholly valid as past, present and future depend a batch on time” .

( I-C-6 ) “How Confident I am in my abilities to win? ” , mark of 30 is perfect as I am confident.I took the challenge to prosecute MBA in Melbourne even after the great media ballyhoo about Indians acquiring attacked.Relating to Self Efficacy theory “the person ‘s belief that he or she is capable of executing a undertaking” ( Stephen P. Robbins, 2001, pp 167 ) .

( I-C-7 ) “What ‘s my Attitude towards Achievement? ”.Score of 43 Favour Sing Successful People autumn and 51 Favour Successful People Rewarded is sarcastic.It barely affects me sing others success stories.It was great to see my friends accepting wagess for hiting high Markss in 10ThursdayClass and there were people who were anticipating the wages but were non given, it did n’t hold much consequence on me.

( I-C-8 ) “How sensitive am I to Equity Differences” ? , ( I-C-9 ) What ‘s my Jobs Motivating Potential? , and ( I-C-10 ) Do I want an Enriched Job? , the tonss for the above inquiries were ( I-C-8 ) 27, ( I-C-9 ) 170, and ( I-C-10 ) 4.1. I do n’t hold with my mark of 27 ( I-C-8 ) as it states category Entitleds, I am justified with the class Equity sensitive.I was involved in rotract nine of my college where we conducted a blood contribution camp it was a squad attempt we appreciated the effects with equal grasp, associating to Equity Theory “it is an exchange position, a position that views behavior as a procedure in which workers exchange appropriate work behavior for coveted effects” ( Gregory B, Margaret A, 1990, pp.165 ) .The MPS and enrichness in occupation consequence are nearby mean indicating fond regard towards disputing work and growing which motivates me to an extent.I was in Administrative section for Mazda I had to do a selling program which I completed in a month.I realised my capablenesss in Marketing field, the motive provided by the Managing Director proved an added advantage. In Job Characteristics Model by J. Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham “there is set of occupation features and these features affect behavioral results” . ( Stephen P, Robbins, Timothy A,13ThursdayEdition,2009, pp 217 ) .


In the above essay I have analysed my behavior in regard with the consequences provided by taking the questionnaire in the ego appraisal library ( Robbins & A ; Judge, 2007b ) . It was a great find I could state about my behavioral and motivational facets, rather surprising in few inquiries like Equity Differences, Extroversion, and Emotional Stability where I did n’t hold with my consequences, but at the same clip I have been able to place positive personality & A ; motivational traits like conscientiousness, A type personality, growing & A ; relatedness needs which I value more in an administration, I am a extremely achievement oriented single which motivates me a batch specially now making my MBA at La Trobe University, the confident facet sing my abilities to win in what I do is relatively high. Overall the appraisal consequences has given me a bird position point about my negative facets and an chance to change over them into positive facets of behavior and construct up the personality and motivational factors already acquainted by my personality.



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