Being and Becoming: Becoming by Being Essay

By July 26, 2017 Psychology

Presocratic epoch was marked by periods from Thales of Miletus until that period when Socrates doctrine was yet to be born. It was during this period when the basicss of scientific discipline ( both natural and societal were being founded utilizing scientific research and enquiry. and where doctrine and practical scientific discipline were still married. Sophos tried to understand and explicate the beginning. nature. elements. development and workings of the existence by manner of argumentative logical thinking. critical enquiry and justifications.

Presocratic doctrine was chiefly characterized by its elements such as kernel. change/absolute. harmoniousness and its attempt to understand the indispensable substance of a thing that caused its being and the dynamic motion it undergoes ( alterations ) to be known as what it is today. Among the celebrated minds of this period were Thales. Heraclitus. Anaxagoras. Empedocles. Democritus and Parmenides.

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Whereas presocratic philosophers have had formulated a common line of idea. disparity was inevitable. Among the statements that showed differences of the doctrine of that period was Parmenides’theory of Bingand Heraclitus’theory of Becoming. Heraclitus argued that the being of everything was brought about by nil and that it continuously exists through changeless alteration or by undergoing a dynamic transmutation. What is more striking about the construct of alteration for Heraclitus is the construct of alteration within.

Harmonizing to him. it is that contradiction of elements/substance within the object that caused it to transform and that to do its alteration. an external intervening need non to be imposed. Consequently. for Heraclitus. the universe is a uninterrupted battle and discord. hence it needs alteration. In contrast. while the internal facet of an bing component undergoes changes. the procedure by which an component transforms is of all time changeless.

Through the apprehension of the nature of an component. Heraclitus recognized that the fixed provinces of being are all portion of the varied province of ageless going1. In worlds. the procedures of giving birth. life. deceasing and metempsychosis are all alterations that a individual passes through. However. such form is a ceaseless rhythm. after all. What will “become” of a affair is a merchandise of the dynamic development it subjects itself through a ne’er discontinuing beat.

Contrary to Heraclitus’ . while Parmenides likewise argued that an object exists because it does be ( that no other factor that may explicate the causality of its being ) . he failed to acknowledge if it of all time underwent an evolutionary province. therefore doing it the “being” as it is today. Because Parmenides believed – and seemingly refuted Heraclitus – that the existence was already at the province of stableness. why should it be enjoying on the procedure of alteration? Everything is what it is because it is what it is and it can non go what it is non.

Both statements are of much involvement specifically in understanding how do we “become” or what make us came to “being” . Later on during Plato’s clip. both statements could be reconciled by suggesting that. what might “become” is caused by a “being” .

However. unlike the predating statements of Heraclitus’ and Parmenides. it is evident that the rapprochement of the statements were based on the idea that. so. there is a “first cause” that is ne’er altering but instead causes the “second being” to go what it is today. Note that both the ab initio mentioned minds do non believe on something that might hold caused on object to be.

What could be more hard in the apprehension of this discourse is the procedure of analysing constructs that flourished centuries apart and unifying them into one critical account such that conflict declaration could be gained.


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