Being impact in choosing the next leader

Being an American means to be free, to be able to express yourself and to vote. It means people won’t be judged by their skin color, race, religion, or beliefs. It is the land of freedom. Regarding being able to vote, means you have an option to make an impact in choosing the next leader of the free world.
Being an American also means you have plenty of opportunities, for example, higher education. The education you receive as an American can be utilized in other countries of the world. Furthermore, in other countries kids do not have the privilege to attend school and be all that they can be.
As an American, you shouldn’t be discriminated because of the color of your skin, race, sex, religion, or beliefs according to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the statement ” That all men are created equal, no matter where you come from.” The United States of America is an inclusive nation made up of immigrants from different countries. It is known as the land of opportunity, where people come in search of a better future.
Health care in the United States is another advantage that all Americans have, unlike other countries that don’t even have the option for Health care. Being middle class or borderline poverty is essential to have health insurance due to cost and affordability. Another option that other countries don’t have.

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