Ben Reed

June 27, 2018 Psychology

Context/Background Ben Reed, twenty seven, graduated from the state university in June 1960 with a B. A. degree in psychology. Ben Reed was hired as assistant office manager at the Acme Medical Association, a group health insurance organization. Having a salary of $5000 per year, he was responsible for supervising approximately forty female office employees who performed sorting, totaling, and recording operations concerning medical claims charged against Acme.

Ben’s immediate supervisor, Charles Grayson, the office manager, had been with Acme for twenty years and had risen to his present position from a beginning job as a clerical assistant. During his career in Acme, he had watched the company grow and progress, and often referred to the increase in employees under his supervision with a great deal of pride. According to Ben, his work at Acme was not especially challenging because he stated that his main duties were to check the time cards of the office worker, make sure everything was in order, and answer questions concerning claims.

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He also did special statistical studies at the request of the controller office of Grayson. These studies were infrequent, and during his first four months with Acme, Ben participated in only two such studies. Ben had some strong convictions concerning the supervision of the office employees. He was concerned about the situation at Acme for two reasons: first was the high turnover of office employees with the averaged of 48% per year and second was the apathy of many of the girls towards their work.

Ben felt obligated to make some suggestions which he felt would improve the situation with regard to the office force even if he was new in the organization. So Ben suggested to Grayson that he would be happy to conduct informal classes as part of his regular duties but Grayson did not feel this was a good suggestion so he did not permit Ben to go through with his idea. Ben also had a disagreement with Grayson over the handling of the case of Doris Martin.

Robert Colvin, controller of Acme Medical Association called Ben into his office to discuss plans for new electronic data processing installation and Ben without consulting to his immediate supervisor first, results to Ben being scolded by Grayson in front of girls’ office. This also led to Ben’s submission of his resignation letter on December 13 and left the Acme Company on December 24, 1960. After he left, Ben did not have a new job. II. Point of View It is from the Top Management’s point of view. III. Problem Statement

What should be done in order to create a harmonious relationship within the company and enhance job performance of the employees IV. Objectives From the point of view of Top Management, it is essential to meet the following objectives: ? Identify the origin cause of poor job performance of the employees ? Seek for possible solution to create a harmonious relationship within the company. ? The top management should inquire again about the background of Ben Reed. Being a new employee of Acme Medical Association, it is important to know and determine his strengths and weaknesses if it could give a positive outcome for the company.

The top management should review the past performance of Charles Grayson as an immediate supervisor. Also evaluate his previous job performances and determine what kind of management he must do. ? The top management should check the performance of the employees. VI. Alternative Courses of Action ? Conduct training or team building in each department of the company. ? Acknowledge the existence and work of the employees. Like praising them when their work is excellent and commenting in their work when it needs improvement. ? Give incentives to the employees by increasing their salaries and wages.

If ever the employees received an increase of salaries they might be motivated to work hard but on the other hand it would costly for the part of the company. ? Give another chance to Ben Reed and Grayson. Reconsider the resignation letter of Ben Reed for having him might increase the productivity of the employees. Might as well give advice to Grayson to change the style of his leadership and give him a chance for he was just doing his job as an immediate supervisor. ? Kick out of the company those who are unproductive employees and check time to time the performance level of the employees. VII.

Recommendation/Conclusion/Plan Talented people are common issues in every company where these employees can perform good performance. In most case it’s very important to maintain the harmonious relationship between the employees. The company must give incentives to the employees by giving bonus, increasing their salary and wages helps to encourage them of doing and working their job well. I conclude that managing people is very crucial and being a boss is not easy as well, because you need to check the performance of your employees. You need to face and handle different attitudes and characteristics each day.


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