Benchmarking: currently at in terms of understanding

April 21, 2019 Communication

Benchmarking: Comparing what is the accepted standard for a subject against the current understanding of each learner. This will help establish where a learner is currently at in terms of understanding a subject, and allow for the setting of targets that are SMART.

Evaluation: All aspects of the assessment cycle should be evaluated on an on-going basis and valuable feedback given. Internal and external assessments may be utilised, such as assignments and question papers. External assignments such as exams could also be used. Formal assessments usually count towards the achievement of a qualification, whereas informal assessments are used to monitor progress. Part of the evaluation of a learner would be establishing whether they have any existing qualifications / training that could be used as recognised prior learning that may count towards the final qualification.
One important principal is to ensure that all assessed work is valid, authentic, current, sufficient and reliable (VACSR)
Other key principals will include clear communication with the learner/s and other assessors, IQA;s and employers. Maintaining CPD to ensure that the assessors own knowledge remain current and that they have a clear understanding of the standards of each task. Ensuring all assessments take into account equality and diversity. All assessments must be honest. Assessments must be fit for purpose, planned and valuable feedback given to each learner within a reasonable timeframe. All assessors must ensure the safety of themselves and that of their learners, a detailed risk assessment may be required in higher risk areas.

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