Benefits And Costs Of Marketing Oriented Approach Marketing Essay

The intent of this study is to happen selling schemes to establish a new merchandise at CBL which was established in 1968. CBL is one of the taking biscuit fabrication companies in Sri Lanka. Specific aims were to scan the micro and macro environment, place the profitable market section for the new merchandise and develop selling mix schemes for the same. After an extended analysis of the market, client profile, and monetary value standards, it was determined that establishing the black currant shortcakes to the consumer marked will be best benefited for our future growing.

2. Background of the organisation.

2.1 history

In the early old ages

Williams biscuit mill, Sri Lanka ‘s first mill owned by Mr. Williams was a little graduated table manus huffy biscuit venture. In 1939, Mr. Simon Arthur Wickramasinghe ( 1902-1984 ) acquired this mill, establishing ‘Williams confectionary ‘ with merely 10 employees. It was mechanized in 1957 with Baker Perkins Lines from the UK.

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The joint venture

In the 1960 ‘s ‘Williams ‘ together with the Sri Lankan authorities and attention of USA, manufactured high protein biscuits to supplement mid-day repasts for school kids, based on a proposal by Mineka Wickramasinghe, current group president, to better the nutritionary criterion of Sri Lankan kids. For this intent a biscuit mill was built on eight estates of gum elastic land surrounded by green Paddy Fieldss in Pannipitiya in 1968.

2.2 Visions

Vision of the Ceylon biscuit limited is to go the leader in confectionary in South Asia with a planetary acknowledgment. Because the Ceylon Biscuit limited is in private owned they do n’t hold an expressed mission. But alternatively what the Ceylon biscuit limited does is accommodating to the set of marketing aims, like for illustration increasing market portion of a certain trade name by some per centum for accomplishing each twelvemonth.

2.3 Merchandise

At present Ceylon biscuit Limited ‘s chief concern in nutrient fabrication and in ab initio it was limited to biscuit fabrication. Then the company started to fabricate cocoa merchandises under the trade name name Ritzbury, fabricating bars under the name Tiara and besides wafers biscuits under the same trade name Munchee. They late started fabrication blink of an eye gelatin under the trade name name go jelly. During the really same period the company has taken commanding portions of Lanka Soy, Samaposha and Cecil so now the Ceylon biscuit limited has started viing in the fruit drinks market, soy merchandise market, seriess and bites market of Sri Lanka.

3. Selling procedure and selling oriented attack.

3.1 Selling procedure

3.1.1 Environmental analysis

Swot analysis

It is the scheme development tool that matches internal organisational strengths and failings with external chances and menaces.

Strengths- Factors and characteristics helping the organisation in accomplishing its ends and aims.

Example: –

Handiness of resources

Ability to make and introduce

Ability to face competition

The advantage based on engineering

Weaknesses- internal factors and characteristics barricading the accomplishment of ends and aims.

Example: –

Non handiness of resources

Inability to make or introduce

Inability to face competition

Disadvantage based on engineering

Opportunities- external factors that will help in accomplishing ends and aims.

Example: –

Economic state of affairs is favourable

Number of rivals are high

Technology alterations are favourable

Market alterations are favourable

Threats- external factors that would barricade the organisation from accomplishing its ends and aims.

Example: –

Economic state of affairs is unfavourable

Number of rivals are low

Technological alterations are unfavourable

Market alterations are unfavourable

3.1.2 Segmentation, aiming and positioning

Market cleavage

It is a state of affairs where clients are excessively legion and different in their demands and wants of similar products/services, organisations will happen it really hard to fulfill everyone ‘s single demands and wants. Hence they have to place sections with similar demands and wants they can function expeditiously and efficaciously.

Target selling

Target selling has three stairss:

Identifying groups with similar demands and wants, which is besides referred to as market cleavage

Choosing one or more market sections to function and function with professionalism, which can be referred to as market aiming

Develop a value proposition for each mark market section chosen to function so that it can pass on and provide utmost value to the mark market, which can be referred to as market placement.

Market positioning

It is the procedure by which organisations design its message and image in a manner that they would get a valued and distinguishable topographic point in the heads of the mark clients.

3.1.3 Marketing mix schemes


If the scheme would be to bring forth a smaller Marie biscuit with a degree of quality the maneuver would be to be after the fabrication of the merchandise consequently. Thus the merchandise is the first component of the selling procedure. The merchandise is the chief component that gives value to a merchandise. That determines the coveted degree of quality and procedure to bring forth, bundle, branding in order to distinguish it from other merchandises and size finding are the facets that should be taken into consideration when developing the merchandise.

Monetary value

If it was determined that monetary value has to be similar to competition in the market topographic point so the pricing must be planned consequently. But it ca n’t be done in complete isolation since production and other operations drive costs. Therefore a survey must be done on production, operations, human resource demands and finance activities and so forth to get at the best possible pricing determination.

Topographic point

Product development and pricing it wo n’t be plenty. It should be available in the mark market to buy. Therefore the merchandise must be topographic point at points where the mark market would see to buy. The marie biscuit has to be topographic point at the supermarkets and retail mercantile establishments, as those are the topographic points where people go to purchase biscuits. Therefore puting the merchandise in the right topographic point is an of import tactical component to guarantee that the merchandise is available for the consumers to buy.


Merely people who visit stores and see the merchandise will cognize it is available. We see so many merchandises on shelves but do we catch each and every one of them? No, but we continue to purchase what we ever buy. Therefore pass oning with the mark market is of import they should be informed that the merchandises are available to buy and as to why the merchandise should at least see purchasing than any other merchandise that they have bee buying already. In the state of affairs where the merchandise is already in the market the aim of promotion/marketing communications, as it is known today is to supply the merchandises positioning and make a demand.


Peoples are the most critical component of the organisation to supply value in a concern to client selling environment and they must hold the needful preparation every bit good as go oning development.


KFC serves a limited figure of merchandises but have achieved excellence in the procedure where when even a thrust thru client is served with least waiting clip. This what is meant by procedure to be on top of the procedure of functioning clients.

Physical grounds

Most of the services are intangible unlike in a merchandise, which is touchable. The simplest illustration is a eating house that claims they serve first-class nutrient but when the nutrient is served it contains extra salt. Therefore it is necessary to guarantee that physical grounds is present ever.

3.2 Selling oriented attack

3.2.1 Benefits and costs of selling oriented attack.


To switch clients from the phases of the communicating consequence pyramid

To understand the current market portion

To understand client perceptual experience of the merchandises and do betterments

Customer attractive force through packaging and labelling

Free conveyance and warehouse storage


Promotional costs – 1. advertisement cost

2. Gross saless publicity cost

I ) Consumer publicity

two ) Trade publicity

three ) Business and gross revenues force publicity

3. Public dealingss

Marketing research costs

Design, labelling and packaging costs

Outsourcing costs

Discounts provided to distributers

4. Marketing mix schemes

4.1 selected merchandise

The merchandise that will be chosen by me is the Munchee super pick cracker which is one of the most celebrated biscuits produced by CBL. C: UsersShamilPicturesz_bus-p01-Munchee, % 20now % 20premium02.jpg

4.2 Product scheme

Merchandise properties

The typical gustatory sensation and form of the Munchee super pick cracker Is what chiefly sets it apart from other trade names of pick crackers. CBL makes certain that every super pick cracker produced is of right consistence to their criterion of fabrication. CBL is ever on the procedure of heightening their biscuit ‘s gustatory sensation so that they will hold the upper manus against its rivals. Super pick cracker is celebrated for its stating among the consumers which is “ podi badaginnata munchee ace pick cracker ekak kanna ” . Through this iconic stating the pick cracker has gain the trueness of so many consumer which in bend puts them on top when compared with CBL ‘s rivals.


There are so many trade names of pick crackers available in the market and to place the pick cracker produced by CBL would be rather hard if it did non hold differences hence that ‘s the ground why CBL has named their pick cracker as Munchee super pick cracker with a originative motto included. Over the old ages CBL ‘s ace pick cracker has developed a really good repute among the consumers, that ‘s why they have client trueness towards the pick cracker. CBL has developed this trueness through supplying the loyal clients with consistent high quality pick crackers even from the twenty-four hours they started supplying the market with their pick crackers. CBL ‘s pick cracker and Malibans pick cracker has a really intense competition in the market even though both trade names have a similar client trueness from last twelvemonth ‘s gross revenues it could be seen that Munchee has a small spot more gross revenues than Maliban which makes them the leaders.


The ace pick cracker is packed in a particular bundle which could be easy differentiated from other pick cracker trade names. It can be separated because of it particular colour which is xanthous that has been the colour CBL has been utilizing for the past few old ages so now it is really easy Identified and purchased by their loyal clients. The packaging provides protection, pulling attending of the clients, convenience to the purchasers, cognition about the pick crackers, low-cost, greater value, environmental concern these elements are largely provided by Munchee than in other pick crackers.


The label chosen by Munchee to stand for the pick cracker is really in writing and attractive to the oculus. It is of import the label should be in writing because if a individual did n’t cognize the name of the merchandise it is easy for the individual to place the label.


Transporting is done through professional distributers which is non a competitory advantage.

4.3 Distribution schemes

Munchee ace pick crackers are distributed through a selected group of distributors. CBL does non hold their ain fleet of vehicles available for the distribution of pick crackers around the state. That is one of the disadvantages of Munchee. But it does n’t intend that they do n’t hold a competitory advantage. Super pick crackers are distributed through distributers to retail stores straight and sometimes indirectly such retail stores are as follows:

Cargills nutrient metropolis

Arpico super shops

Keels super


And other little scaled retail stores island broad.

Super pick crackers are distributed to every individual retail store in the island which makes them the top biscuit distributors and Sellerss in Sri Lanka. They export cream crackers to over 10 states around the universe CBL is known to be the first state to export a individual merchandise to several states in Sri Lanka. CBL plans their distribution procedure accurately, efficaciously with adept executing. Because they make it convenient to their loyal clients through administering pick crackers to most of the super markets where most of their loyal clients purchase their merchandises. CBL patterns the intensive distribution scheme which is the procedure of accomplishing the maximal breadth and deepness of distribution for the company ‘s merchandises. To all the big scaled retail mercantile establishments such as arpico and etc. they provide optimal stock degrees of pick crackers to avoid opportunities of stock outs.

4.4 Pricing schemes

When CBL selects the right pricing scheme for the ace pick cracker they take into consideration three of import countries such as:

Customer oriented schemes

Competition oriented schemes

Company oriented schemes

Customer oriented schemes

This is a pricing scheme which is largely market focussed and is based on what the client is willing and able to pay. Four different facets can be identified

Planing pricing scheme

Market incursion pricing scheme

Psychological pricing scheme

Value based pricing scheme

Competition oriented schemes

This is where pricing is competitor driven. CBL decides to monetary value the pick cracker taking into consideration the pricing degrees of the rivals.

Company oriented schemes

CBL besides takes into consideration what they will acquire in return when pricing a specific merchandise.

4.5 publicity scheme

Figure 4.5.1 – Promotional mix elements

Cream cracker is advertised through the usage of attractive postings which amplifies the expressiveness of the consumer who sees it. Besides they use originative and advanced ways to publicize the pick cracker on the telecasting which immediately attracts the consumers.

CBL uses direct selling in order to present the goods to the consumers. In some cases it can be seen that the CBL uses gross revenues representatives in order to speak and explicate the information about the merchandise to the clients.

CBL gets involved in tonss of community activities and they sponsor musical shows and they even host shows of their ain merely to publicize their merchandises.

4.6 extended selling mix elements

Peoples –






Marketing executives

Research and development squad

Process –

Buying of natural stuffs

In order to do the dough the appropriate sum of ingredients should be added

The machine would blend the dough for several hours until ready to be spread out

After distributing out the industrial biscuit cutter will cut the dough into the appropriate sizes

The cut dough will be baked for a figure of hours in a n industrial oven

Then the biscuits will be left until cooled down

After chilling the biscuits will be automatically counted by the machine and will be packed in to a negligee

The finish merchandise will be distributed to all the retail mercantile establishments in the island so that it will be available for the purchasers.

Physical grounds presentation –

A mill that is situated on a land of eight estates

Machinery for every measure of production

Clean production country

CSR undertakings done in order to heighten the repute

Employee friendly work Stationss

Appropriately departmentalized

5. Selling mixes for different contexts

5.1 Marketing mix for two different sections.

5.1.1 Marketing mix for the kids of all age groups.

The merchandise I will be presenting as a selling manager of the Ceylon biscuit limited is black currant shortcakes. It ‘s a biscuit with a black currant gelatin in the centre. It will incorporate up to 20 biscuits divided into two columns, each column will dwell of 10 biscuits each. It would be an flushing tea clip biscuit.

The determination for doing it an flushing tea clip biscuit is that, during the flushing most of the kids play and when they come back place they expect their tea to be on the tabular array but it would be a particular dainty to see a few brown biscuits with purple colored jelly dripping from the side of it on a home base, so the childs will be funny in order to cognize what it is, what it tastes like and finally they would stop up seting it in their oral cavity and they would experience the soft crunchiness of the biscuit and explosion of black currant jelly in their oral cavity which will do them implore for more.

It would be sold for Rs.250 this includes the packaging charges every bit good, it will be packed in a colourful mode because kids like anything full of different colourss.

It would be sold in ace markets and in retail stores chiefly.

Ad will be done through attractive postings, newspaper advertizements and through a telecasting commercial by using most of the viewed channels by kids of all ages.

5.1.2 Marketing mix for grownups of all age groups.

In the eventide clip most of the Sri Lankan households get together as a household to speak about their yearss work and everything else while basking a cup of tea and the Munchee black currant shortcakes will supply the cherry on top of an ice-cream in other words the best biscuit to go on the conversation. Adults will bask it a batch particularly because it will be a low sugar biscuit but with the natural sugariness of the black currant. It would be the perfect gift to give when traveling to see household and friends. At the dorsum of the box all ingredients and information will be provided sing the biscuits which will be helpful for grownups who are careful about what they are devouring.

Its retail monetary value would be Rs.250 including wadding charges, and it is packed in colourful box with a gift able visual aspect to it.

It would be sold in ace markets, retail stores chiefly and besides will be sold in selected pharmaceuticss as good.

Ad will be done through postings, newspaper advertizements and on telecasting channels often viewed by grownups of all ages.

5.2 Marketing mix for concern to concern context.

Figure 5.2.1 Distribution channel

Pricing –

Discounts on list monetary values.

Gross saless publicities –

Huge price reductions based on bulk measure.

Ad –

Occasionally but really seldom done.

Public dealingss –

Very less.

Transportation system costs.

5.3 Selling activities in the international market.


Producing merchandises harmonizing to the criterion of different states by supplying high quality merchandises. And the merchandises should be produced harmonizing to the appropriate states civilization.

Monetary value

Monetary values will be set sing the currency which the state is utilizing. The monetary values set would be fair in order to accomplish popularity for the merchandise.

Topographic point

A separate fabrication organisation will be at that place specially to bring forth export quality merchandises.


Ad will be done through the usage of cyberspace and ocular postings and if possible telecasting or newspaper advertizements will be provided harmonizing to each single states imposts and beliefs.

Plague Analysis

Political –

The merchandise is to be exported under the regulations & A ; ordinances of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. First the relevant merchandise has to be registered under the regulations of the SL Port Authority. In this, paying the needed revenue enhancements, as enlisted by the authorities is paid high importance. Social conformity policies are besides to be given high prominence.

Economic –

While pricing the merchandise in the international market, it should be noted that the in agreement monetary value would make a net income, when the revenue enhancements & A ; other levies are paid out.

Social –

It will be produced and exported after taking into consideration, the beliefs and civilization of the state of reception. The wadding ( Both individual & A ; Whole sale packing ) will be environmental friendly. The spirit of the shortcakes will be flavored harmonizing to the states appropriate roof of the mouth. The name of the merchandise in the state of beginning should non be a societal roadblock in the foreign land.

Technological –

The agency of transit should non be a hinderance to keep the quality of the merchandise exported. The clip consumed in transit should besides be taken into consideration.

Decisions and recommendations


Since the Ceylon Biscuit Limited controls the bulk of the biscuit fabrication and selling market compared to other competitory markets it can be concluded stating that CBL is the figure one company in biscuit fabrication and the company which has been systematically supplying their loyal clients with high quality biscuits, cocoas, bars and etc. in Sri Lanka.


Continue researching and come up with more merchandises

CBL should hold their ain manners of distribution

CBL should maintain up the quality of the merchandises manufactured

They should construct a 2nd mill in the North of Sri Lanka in order to do the distribution easier

keeping a healthy and an environmentally friendly working topographic point for the employees and benefit of the concern



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