Benefits of After School Programs

January 1, 2018 Education

In the article, After-School Programs: Keeping Children Safe & Smart, by An-Me Chung; she discusses how after school programs positively beneficial for the youth. Chung states, that according to U. S. Departments of Education and Justice, local after school programs have proven to “reduce risk-taking,” in youth (An-Me Chung 2010). She says, after-school programs, provide “safe and caring” environments (An-Me Chung 2010). Chung realizes that after school programs will keep most youth occupied and away from “drugs and crime” (An-Me Chung 2010).

In comparison to Chung’s main thoughts, we share some of the same arguments. Both, Chung and I; stress the “chronic shortages” in after school programs (An-Me Chung 2010). We both agree, after-school programs and activities, keeps juveniles “safe and out of trouble” (An-Me Chung 2010). Juvenile “crime peaks” during the after school hour, between the hours of 3pm to 4pm. To deter the juveniles from “commit[ing] crime,” the after school programs are needed (Chung 2010). However, she argues for after-school programs, in attempts for youth’s “reading and math scores” to increase (Chung 2010).

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Chung stresses that after school programs “develop academic[s]” (Chung 2010). Ultimately, she argues that after school programs assist, the kids with being “successful in school” (Chung 2010). While Chung and I agree on important points; such as after school programs being critical for the youth, so that crime rates in youth can decrease. My main argument for after-school programs is to prevent the youth from committing crime that will land them in a juvenile court system. In most cases when juveniles are introduced to a juvenile court system, they continue to adult court. Juvenile crime prevention is my main point.


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