Benefits Of Family-Friendly Policies Essay

August 11, 2017 General Studies

The past few decennaries. households in Hong Kong faced in undergone major alterations. intense gait of life and difficult work ever affected families’ characteristics. How to equilibrate household life and work have become a societal policy. in order to set up a family-friendly community. hold implemented assorted steps to assist employees equilibrate their work and household lives. advance household relationship. In this essay. first I will explicate these policies how to assist with all facets of employee. and so analysis of these steps on the employment benefit. Finally. pointed out that Hong Kong Government and the endeavors on how to implement these policies.

Family-friendly employment may implement different policies to run into the demands of employees. Including the debut of given household leave benefits. such as matrimony leave. paternity leave. parental leave. compassionate leave. particular insouciant leave and particular long leave. etc ( GovHK. n. d. ) . This step will be through the tallness of the working environment and working agreements to ease employees in taking attention of household demands. such as the five-day working hebdomad. flexible work clip and family-based work. and so on. The other manus will supply support to households. including kid attention services. reding services. child detention etc. A Research Report prepared by the Department of Applied Social Sciences of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is named “Family-Friendly Workplace” noted that Most respondents agreed or strongly agreed with implementing “family-friendly” policies. ( Poly U. 2002 )

Family-friendly policies can besides convey much benefits to company. In a supportive working environment. staffs will experience they are valued and employer will derive the benefit. First. employer can cut down staff turnover and retain possible employee. On the other manus. many people were convinced that employees working flexible hours were more productive than those on the job traditional hours. This step in add-on to actuate employees. addition productiveness. but besides improved repute and corporate image. therefore there are many big endeavors are involved in the execution of these steps.

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In position of this. authorities and endeavors were organized a assortment of steps and activities advancing family-friendly policies. The brochure prepared by the Labour Department’s album “Good people direction & A ; Family-Friendly Employment Practices” ( labor. gov. hk. n. d. ) . Through a assortment of good steps taken by the employer. may larn to supply for all cases. Research on Family-friendly Employment Policies and Practices in Hong Kong from The Equal Opportunities Commission ( EOC ) and the Women’s Commission ( WoC ) ( EOC 2006 ) .

They hope that through this study. a better apprehension in Hong Kong. companies or establishments can assist employees equilibrate their work and household functions provides programme demands. A Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme 2011 was organised by the Family Council. The award strategy aims to give acknowledgment to employers who attach importance to the spirit of family-friendliness ( gov. hk. 2011 ) . Through these activities. to set about a survey. to understand the profile of Hong Kong households. and constructing partnerships with Government. concern and professional sectors. actively promote the industry cares household

In this essay. I Have attempted to show suggest to execution of family-friendly policies on households. or employers both have many favourable factors. together with the Hong Kong Government and the enterprises’ attempts. this step would let employers and employees at that place will be a win-win state of affairs.


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