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October 17, 2017 Medical

Marijuana is possibly one of the most controversial herbs rendered illegal by United States Torahs. Several sectors in the society advocator for the legalisation of marihuana. These statements normally point out to the medical benefits that marijuana contains. The supposed medical benefits of marihuanas have been scrutinized by several scientific research workers and some of these claims have been supported by surveies. By looking objectively at these medical claims can assist people be more cognizant of the facts and the existent benefits that marijuana offers if there are any.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana Medical marihuana. harmonizing to some surveies can assist alleviate hurting. sickness and musculus cramps. Although these unwellnesss may be simple symptoms of more serious diseases. they are being experienced by a figure of patients that are enduring from hepatitis and malignant neoplastic disease among others. In this respect. medical marihuana can be a cheaper option for the intervention of these medical conditions ( Legal Reefer. 2004 ) . Another medical status that marihuana can assist handle is glaucoma. which impairs the vision because of intra-ocular force per unit area harm.

The ground behind this is that marihuana helps alleviate the force per unit area felt in the eyes. thereby forestalling glaucoma from declining and taking to eventual sightlessness. Glaucoma. interestingly. is the taking cause of sightlessness in the United States. With the usage of marihuana. hence. this cause of sightlessness can be mitigated and more people can care for their sight for a longer clip in their lives. Glaucoma and the hurting associated with it can be relieved with marihuana ( Legal Reefer. 2004 ) .

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Other unwellnesss that marijuana helps handle includes shudders. unsteady pace. musculus hurting. multiple induration and cramp. Multiple induration is one of the most debilitating neurological unwellnesss that afflict immature grownups in the US. With the aid of marihuana. those who are enduring from epileptic ictuss besides find aid. Arthritis. dysmenorrheal. depression and megrims besides benefit from intervention with marihuana. The Legal Reefer ( 2004 ) studies that some tribunals and bureaus of the US authorities have verified these findings.

Two compounds. Cannabidiol and Caryophyllene. are present in medical marihuana. These two compounds are responsible for the medical effects of marihuana. Cannabidiol helps alleviate redness. sickness. redness and paroxysm ( Grlie. 1976 ) . In add-on. it besides helps suppress the growing of malignant neoplastic disease. Caryophyllene. on the other manus. is responsible for cut downing tissue redness. It normally comes in the signifier of oil and applied on the inflamed organic structure portion ( Grlie. 1976 ) .

Even if the issue of legalising marihuana is combative in the United States. medical practicians are coming to a consensus that medical marihuana is needed helpful in alleviating up to 250 medical conditions. This figure is excessively immense to be ignored by the greater bulk in the society. Legalizing Marijuana The literature in support of medical marihuana is robust and continues to turn. Medical marihuana has been shown to assistance in the intervention of symptoms for AIDS and malignant neoplastic disease. It can besides function as an immuno-modulator and analsgesic.

Furthermore. it can assist handle asthma and other emotional and bipolar upsets ( Lucido. 2008 ) . The American College of Physicians ( 2008 ) have besides come up with a place paper in support of research refering medical marihuana and the freedom of medical marihuana from the prosecution of the jurisprudence. In their paper. the organisation cited the wellness benefits of marihuana in exciting appetency. in handling glaucoma. neurological and motion upsets and its usage as an analgetic. The place of the ACP gives acceptance to the claims that marihuanas can truly work as a good medical specialty.

The ACP. nevertheless. noted that there are inauspicious effects associated in marihuana. If smoked. marihuanas can increase the bosom rate of the user and aid diminish the blood force per unit area. In add-on to this. there are other psychotropic effects that are of a more serious nature. These may be manifested in short-run memory damage. decrease of motor accomplishments. attending and reaction times. There may besides be some troubles in forming and treating information given to the 1 who used marihuana.

These effects are more terrible for those who orally take medical marihuana. So this is surely an inauspicious consequence that should be carefully taken into history in the instance that marihuana is approved as a medical specialty ( Joy. Watson & A ; Benson. 1999 ) . Smoked marihuana besides has of import inauspicious effects similar to tobacco. If marihuana is smoked on a regular footing. it can assist bring on malignant neoplastic disease. lung jobs. gestation jobs and even bacterial pneumonia. When taken orally. medical marihuana has less deadly toxicity than other psychotropic drugs being used in the universe today.

Since medical marihuanas will non be prescribed for smoke. so the dangers posed by the inauspicious effects will be mitigated and will be contained. In fact. these inauspicious effects are besides within the acceptable scope of effects present in other signifiers of medicine. Marijuana: To Legalize or to Stay Illegal? With the support of the ACP for the continuance of research for the medical deductions of marihuana. With such support. the drift for legalisation will be picked up by those who are recommending for the legalisation of marihuana.

Another ground why people are forcing for the legalisation of marihuana is the sensed economic benefits that it will convey to the authorities. Marijuana has frequently been compared with intoxicant. which besides have harmful contents but is being allowed to be marketed all over the state. If the authorities could legalise it. so it can deduce immense grosss from the revenue enhancements and gross revenues derived from marihuana. As it stands now. it is illegal. So the 1s who benefit from the marihuana trade are the black market and organized felons ( Gerber & A ; Sperling. 2004 ) .

Marijuana is similar to alcohol and baccy. The major difference is that marihuana offers curative and medicative effects while baccy does non and alcohol merely helps heighten wellness minimally. Harmonizing to Herer and Cabarga ( 1998 ) . those who are acquiring rich through the black market want it to stay illegal because if it becomes legal. the money will so hold to be transferred to the custodies of the authorities. Conclusion What is needed now is to strike the right balance between maximising the medicative effects while extenuating the negative effects of marihuana.

The reply to the inquiry of legalisation would be a controlled legalisation. Marijuana could be used for medicative intents and alternate intervention. This means that it would hold to be recommended by accredited doctors and that there should be a ordinance in utilizing it in the same manner that certain narcotic hurting slayers are regulated in the market. Marijuana should non be offered as an nonprescription medical specialty or offered like baccy or intoxicant as this would merely do the negative effects of marihuana more prevalent in the society.

With authorities statute law and rigorous execution of the jurisprudence. the medicative values of marihuana would be used by society while its negative effects would be avoided. Reference American College of Physicians ( 2008 ) . Supporting Research into the Curative Role of Marijuana. Philadelphia: American College of Physicians. Retrieved 25 September 2008 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. acponline. org/advocacy/where_we_stand/other_issues/medmarijuana. pdf. Grlie. L ( 1976 ) . “A comparative survey on some chemical and biological features of assorted samples of hemp resin” .

Bulletin on Narcotics 14: 37–46. Herer. J. & A ; Cabarga. L. ( 1998 ) . The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy. New Jersey: Ah Ha Publishing. Joy. J. E. Watson SJ. Benson JA. ( 1999 ) . Marijuana and Medicine: Measuring the Science Base. National Academy of Sciences. Institute of Medicine. Washington. DC. Legal Reefer. ( 2004 ) . Marijuana Offers Medicinal Benefits. Retrieved 17 June 2008 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. legalreefer. com/article4. shtml Lucido. F. ( 2008 ) . Curative Effects. Retrieved 25 September 2008 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. medboardwatch. com/wb/pages/therapeutic-effects. php


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