Beowulf of an epic hero, Beowulf begins

March 28, 2019 General Studies

Beowulf is one of the many examples of archetypal hero. His quests are followed by demonstration of superior strength, bravery, and his personal risks of death for glory.
Like every story of an epic hero, Beowulf begins with a journey. Beowulf travels to defeat Grendel. After Grendel comes, Grendel’s mother more powerful and fierce than her son. To reach the sea witch, Beowulf dives into boiling hot waters and sinks to the bottom for hours. His final quest takes place many years later, when he takes the dangerous path to the dragon that no coward would approach.
Beowulf, as epic hero’s must possess incredible bravery and strength, a honorable man he refuses to fight Grendel with a weapon, despite the fact that the creature uses none.


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