Best Change in My Life

May 5, 2018 Nursing

In this essay you will read about an event that happened in the year 2007. This was the event that had changed my life forever and for the better. I found out I was pregnant when I was in my second year in college. This event completely changed the outlook on how I look at life and I believed my life was over, I thought it was a very unacceptable thing for me.

However little did I know that the life I was living had me headed down the wrong path, I realized that having a baby was the most excellent thing that had ever happened to me in my life. You will also read about how scared I was to take own another life and how I questioned if I should really take on the responsibility of another person’s life, and if I was ready. I had many friends beside me to support me during my journey of my pregnancy. I had two very close friends right by my side through thick and thin.

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My mother, farther, and sister were also around to me emotionally and physically. They gave me confidence in myself by telling me that everything was going to work out fine. I was living by myself in Louisiana in school trying to earn a nursing degree, once I discovered I was pregnant I dropped out of school and I moved to Arkansas with my parents when I became emotionally depressed. I never wanted to get out of the house; I just slept all day long even though I was in a new city where no one knew who I was.

On August 20, 2008 my son was born and I never knew you could love someone so much the way I loved him the first time that I saw and held him in my arms. The hardest part of being pregnant was going through all the stages of pregnancy. During my first trimester I was always sick and had a hard time tasting different foods. Even certain smells of food turned my stomach in ways that couldn’t really be explained. Although when I walked into a room with the smell of noodles cooking I instantly became very ill.

Dairy products I ate or drank would make me feel as if I needed admitted into the hospital because I be in so much excruciating pain, come to find out that the baby was lactose and tolerant. I saw this as a very bad thing because I had believed that me not being able to really eat anything was gone cause complications for my unborn child, which was something I didn’t want. I was always worried about the weight gain and how I felt being pregnant with the swollen feet and dizziness. Going into my second trimester of the pregnancy I got more uncomfortable and was able to sleep either.

I became very restless and was always angry during this stage of my pregnancy. Not having enough rest caused me to think unclear and was not so good, sometimes my mood would get so bad no one wanted to be around me at all. This was another stage in which I was depressed and being to question myself if I really was financially stable to take care of another person by myself. I would always ask my friends was I making the right decision of keeping the baby and do they think I could do it.

They always told me they believed in me and they would help as much as they could and they have been there the whole time for me. The last trimester which was the third and which means it’s almost time for the baby to arrive so it’s time to prepare for the day. By this time all the questions and doubt should be out my mind, unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I was now scared to take care of my son and the questions going through my mind was how do I prepare to be a mother, I never found the answer I a book.

When I went into labor and held my little man for the first time it was when I realized parenting comes natural it’s not something to prepare for, it’s a life changing experience to enjoy, which I truly did and it was worth it all. I was ready and prepared to take care of my son at that moment when we first met and them questions was answered, that fear of sacredness I had was over, and nothing could take that special moment away from me I was ready to take care of my responsibilities and be the greatest mother I know I could be.

I was very happy once my son came into this world, and it made me very proud to watch him grow up within the past four years. I am also very pleased to have two loving and caring friends that where there to support me through everything and they are still with me till this day and I love them dearly. My parents and my sister love this little guy more than anything in this world and they still help me as much as possible with him, and I just want to thank everyone for their support and guidance to not let me give up on my son.


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