Big City or Small Town Essay

September 23, 2017 Media

Some people prefer to populate in a little town while others prefer to populate in a large metropolis. Both have there ain advantages and disadvantages. And which topographic point would you wish to populate? It depends on personal sentiment. However ; for me. I prefer populating in a large metropolis because it has many benefits and move chance than little town.

First. life in a large metropolis can supply us with a modern and equal academic environment. As we know. instruction is a key for success in a future calling. Large metropolis have many quality schools. so pupils can acquire several benefit from modern instruction such as multi-media instruction. cyberspace and electronic library with assorted books and paperss. In contrast. life in a little town can non take the chance every bit much as large metropolis because little metropolis dosage non hold adequate modern installation to learn pupils.

Second. There are more career opportunities in a large metropolis because the wages and the life conditions are ever better than those in a little town. It has many large companies and international companies for occupation chances. While ; the bulk of little town people have non a well-paid. so they like to migrate to large metropolis.

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in conclusion. even though little towns have a beautiful nature. good environment. peaceable and sort people but their advantages can non be to the large metropolis. In a large metropolis. you are close to many convenient installations. utile services and good public public-service corporations. While. settling in a little town. people’s needed are non in a good conditions particularly in public wellness and life quality.

In decision. a large metropolis is really an ideal topographic point for everyone. It provides us with a batch of indispensable advantages such as equal educational environment. calling opportunity and a good life conditions. I believe a large metropolis is better for my hereafter and my day-to-day life than a life in a little town.


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