Bihar Tourism

Bihar offers to the discerning tourist a variegated wealth of our ancient civilization, history and culture and religion that India stands for. The ruins of ancient capitals and learning centres and the religious sites, are dotted over the tourist map of Bihar. http://travel. mapsofindia. com/travel-bihar/tourist-attractions. html The best time to visit Bihar is from October to March. The Average temperature varies from 43 C- 21 C in summer and 20 C – 6 C in winter.

The beautiful scenery of the foot hills of the Himalayas, plains of the Ganges and wide spread forest ensure of the natural treasure of Bihar. Bihar is bounded on the north by Nepal, on the south by Jharkhand, on the east by West Bengal and on the west by Uttar Pradesh. One of India’s economically weak states, Bihar is home to a number of popular destinations of India. http://www. pearlsholidays. com/bihar-travels/index. html Bodh Gaya- The Maha Bodhi Temple-The historical place at which the Enlightenment took place became a place of pilgrimage.

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About 250 years after the Enlightenment, the Buddhist Emperor, Ashoka visited the site and is considered the founder of the Mahabodhi Temple. Bodhgaya Revitalised- Since 1953, Bodh Gaya has been developed as an international place of pilgrimage. Buddhists from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Tibet, Bhutan and Japan have established monasteries and temples within easy walking distance of the Mahabodhi compound. The site of the enlightenment now attracts Buddhists and tourists from all over the world.



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