Billing System of Restaurants

Website Development System: It’s Advantage and Disadvantages Objectives of the Study This study aims to analyze the efficiency of using the Web Development System. Specifically, this study aims to: Identify the advantages and disadvantages Identify the efficiency of the system Analyze the usage of the system Scope and Delimitation This study was delimited to the analysis of the efficiency of the system and identification of the advantages and disadvantages of using Web Development System.

This study involves the teacher and Web Developer Of AMA Computer Learning Center (General Santos City branch), six in all. The researchers selected the respondents of the study with regards on their expertise in using the web development system during the second semester of the academic year 2012-2013.

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Second Proposed Thesis Title: The Efficiency of using Web Development System Objectives of the Study Analyze the Efficiency of Web Development System Identify the basic factors of Web Development System Determine the Importance of Using Web Development System Scope and Delimitation identification of the Basic Factors of Web Development System.



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