Bio past paper Essay

October 7, 2017 General Studies

In an experiment to analyze the consequence of pH on enzyme activity. five test-tubes incorporating equal volumes of an enzyme solution each at a different pH were prepared. A 1 cm3 regular hexahedron of coagulated ( clotted ) egg white was so added to each tubing. The tubings were allowed to stand at a room temperature of 25 oC. The clip taken for the disappearing of the regular hexahedron in each tubing was recorded as follows.

A sample of bean infusion was refrigerated at 4 C and so allowed to warm to room temperature. If the experiment was repeated utilizing this sample. would the catalase activity be different from that of the old experiment? Explain your reply.

One twenty-four hours. when Keith and Jane walked past a fresh fruit juice store. Keith noticed that some pears were cut into pieces and stored in a armored combat vehicle of H2O before usage.

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( a ) Keith thought that the tradesman stored the cut pears in H2O in order to pull out more juice. Explain the biological rule behind Keith’s thought.
( 3 Markss ) Jane disagreed with Keith because she found that the tradesman besides stored whole pears in H2O armored combat vehicles. Explain why this observation provides Jane with grounds to oppose Keith’s thought. ( 2 Markss )

( degree Celsius ) Suggest one possible hygienic job of hive awaying the cut pears in H2O armored combat vehicles. ( 1 grade )
14. 2007/I/4

A pupil carried out an probe to compare the activity of three trade names of barm. He added a mixture of fixed sums of dough and barm into a measurement cylinder and recorded the volume of the mixture. After seting the mensurating cylinder in a H2O bath at 30oC for one hr. the volume of the mixture was recorded once more. The diagram below shows his set-up:

( a ) The consequences of the probe are shown in the tabular array below. Complete the tabular array by happening out the per centum alteration in the volume of mixture for trade name C.


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