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Dr. Joseph Kahamba is an Associate Professor in Neurosurgery at Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences ( MUCHS ) in Dar Es Salaam, a Consultant Neurosurgeon and moving Head of the Neurosurgical section at Muhimbili Orthopedics and Neurosurgical Institute. He holds a Doctor of Medicine ( MD ) of the University of Timisoara-Romania, a Maestro of Medicine ( MMed ) in General Surgery of the University of Dar Es Salaam, a Maestro of Science ( MSc ) in Neurosurgery of the Universities of Zurich, Ulm and Dar es Salaam ( a sandwich plan ) , and FCS-ECSA ( Fellow of the College of Surgeons of East, Central & A ; Southern Africa ) and MBA ( Master of Business Administration ) plan of the University of Dar Es Salaam.


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Born September 1 1964 in Bukoba, Tanzania, Prof.Joseph Kahamba was raised in a difficult working in-between category household with Ten siblings–four brothers and six sister. His female parent was a husbandman and beget a Secondary instructor. He grew up chiefly in three sort of environment, Gangster, Quiet, Energetic and loud.During his childhood old ages his household lived foremost in Katoke and so shifted to Ishozi, Bukoba.

When they were populating in Katoke he had many friends. He liked doing friends. He was with them all the clip. They went to many topographic points and parties together, and they even went to the Disco or play association football together and he truly enjoyed this these minutes. His best friends ware Stanley, Mjuni, Peter, Ester and Salma. He truly bask be with them, because they were so nice that sometimes speak about all in his life, and when he had a job they ever help him.

Childhood influences:

The first book He retrieve reading for merriment was called ‘Maisha Yetu’ . He likely read it three times a twenty-four hours. He besides liked Greek mythology since he was in in-between school. He used to read largely fantasy and science fiction in high school, and so got interested in enigmas when He got to Universities. Since his male parent was a instructor. He grew up in a really artistic household.

His Dad was an inspiration professionally and his Mum was ever at that place to speak to. His Dad taught him many values that define who he is now — the values of honestness, unity and earnestness. They were instructors to him and his female parent was ever scout him to school when he was really immature. She used to read for him narratives every dark that he can retrieve many of the narratives and have even got rather a few of the books she read to him. Her Mum had a sing-song voice that he one time told her but she thought he was knocking her and she got a spot humpy with him. His pa read to them when we were older but he helped them a batch with authorship and analyzing. When sitting together with his male parent, they spent long hours speaking about the universe, political relations, books and football. His male parent was besides really amusing, really good at gags and could talk several linguistic communications. All this influenced his bearer.



He received his primary instruction at Katoke Primary School between 1970 and 1973 ; his in-between school instruction at Kanyigo School from 1974 up to 1978. Durring his Primary instruction his favourite topic were Science ( particularly biological science and chemical science! ) , He loved them and he was ne’er atrocious at any topic, but he decidedly hated History because he ne’er liked composing essays since he did n’t happen it interesting. His favourite instructor was his Math’s instructor Ms.Salome, when he was in the 5th class. As he described her as being really loving, caring, inspiring and about like a female parent to them.


After graduating at Kanyigo School in ( 1978 ) he was selected among 50 best pupils and been transferred to a Seminary authorities Secondary School ( Kashasha Seminary ) which it was 56 Kilometers’ off from his virrage.

In 1978, Prof.Kahamba enrolled to Kahororo Seminary Secondary School for ( O & A ; A-level ) instruction between 1978 to 1984. While at that place much had happened routinely in the Seminary, each twenty-four hours had its ain beat and he besides noted that the seminarists had a varied agenda. They used to get down each twenty-four hours in the chapel, with either Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours at 7:30 ante meridiem After breakfast, Which sometimes made him to kip in category.But in category He was frequently cognizing how to make complex math jobs before the construct had even been introduced to his category.

In his 2nd twelvemonth the immature Prof.Kahamba participated in pupil organic structure authorities as Sports Minister in my 2nd twelvemonth. In this clip, He worked for 2 old ages as the Scout President at a School cantonment. He liked most about school were the after-school athletic activities and least were Compulsory attending and Learning otiose topics. Besides he frequently knew how to make complex math jobs before the construct had even been introduced to his category. He besides did some extracurricular activities by Participating in Gym, Sports and Society nines. He prosecute in the societal life with other pupils largely in parties.

In 1984 his household returned to Ishozi, and Prof.Kahamba within a short clip graduated from high school in the first division.


In 1984, He enrolled at the University of Timisoara-Romania for his undergraduate survey in Medicine ( MD ) .In his first twelvemonth in medical school he had been take parting in new types of medical research. Since geting in April he was been able to take part in two different research undertakings – one qualitative and one quantitative.

In University, He was besides involved in few outside activities. While at that place, and to heighten his meagre income, He organized a Helping Hand Club and even served as its Vice president. After a smattering of occupations, He eventually went for different Undertakings to work for a big investing movies. There He continued the tendency of merely run intoing his potency, merely taking on new challenges when enything was brought to his attending that it could be perfect chance for him.

After graduating and reserved the certification in Doctor of Medicine ( MD ) of the University of Timisoara-Romania, He so went back to his hometown and worked as Pharmacist aid for the small town local Institute Dispensary and a few Pharmacies in and around his hometown.

In the interim, He spent 1 twelvemonth before Master school as a Soldier at Kanyigo Military, Bukoba functioning for his county. During his clip at that place, they moved into different largest armed forces in the county for developing. They besides moved into the new state military base of Lugalo. One of thing he learned was simple. It does n’t count if youcan[ do something ] or non, youwill.Merely acquire it done.

Traveling Master school had ever been in the dorsum of his head, and he eventually headed once more across the Ocean to inscribe in a Maestro of Science ( MSc ) in Neurosurgery at the Universities of Zurich in ( 1990 ) . Early on in 1992, he was transferred as a medical pupil to Zurich Medical cumpus to derive greater clinical experience, were he go Senior Laboratory Assistance at the University.

He began his calling as an ICU chap at the Katoke Hospital Center where he worked in a assortment of critical attention scenes before coming to the Clinical Center in 1999. At the Clinical Center he began his calling as a Senior Clinical Researcher in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. His clinical research specialisations included wellness behaviour and wellness disparities research with particular accent on methodological analysis and measuring in end-of-life attention, integrative wellness and vulnerable populations.

After that, His married woman and him moved to Bugando, Mwanza. Were they lived there for two old ages and managed to learn Bugando Medical University for about 1 twelvemonth. Then they had two girls, Eunice and Nelly, and we moved back place to Dar Es salaam. were he enrolled for MBA ( Master of Business Administration ) plan at the University of Dar es Salaam.While there he used his excess clip to learn at Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences ( Neurosurgery ) .

Professional Recognition

In November 2003, Prof. Kahamba was recognized by the Tanzanian Society of Orthopedics with the Dedicated Service Award. This award awards dedicated voluntary service to the Society marked by his outstanding public presentation.

Between 2000 and 2006, He served as President of the Medical Association of Tanzania ( MAT ) at Muhimbili Orthopedics and Neurosurgical Institute. The Association that aimed to congratulate the authorities attempts in making its coveted aim of advancing the wellness and well-being of all Tanzanians.

Taging the 45th Anniversary Medical Association of Tanzania ( MAT ) in 2008.Professor Joseph.F. Kahamba was presented with MAT Fellowship certifications for their distinguished parts to the publicity of the medical profession and nurturing of the Medical Association of Tanzania.


In 1990, He met a pretty adult female at a Staff Board meeting. He could experience that she was the right 1 for his ageless life. In 1991, He married Dr. Godelive Kagashe, Lecture in College of Health Sciences ( MUCHS ) in Dar Es Salaam when he was 27.The nuptials took topographic point in Church, one month from his 28th birthday, Gogelive was 25, who spent her childhood in Morogoro, Tanzania. They have four childrens, One male child, Innocent 21 and three Daughters, Eunice 23, Nelly 22 and Karen 17. Eunice lives in the Mikocheni country. Shee works for a Clothing concern company. Whenever they visit each other, they have a great clip and many laughs. She besides guides, Teachs, and has been a great function model.Nelly is a Postgraduate in Medicine at Bugando Hospital, Mwanza.While Innocent is undergraduate in Civil technology at Arthi University.

When he was immature, He sometimes did something really atrocious that he so repent making. One at which he would acquire other kids to laugh at person. He made merriment of that individual and got others to fall in in.

In the rare hours when he’s non at Work, He enjoy running, reading, watching intelligence. He’s really excited about traveling back to his small town in following year’s.

About his Haya and Christianity background he said “it ‘s of import because it ‘s how and why my parents behaved in the manner they did. If I try to interrupt that down into precisely what, all I come up with is things like the peculiar manner in which they told narratives about their household and their childhoods.

At age of 50, He candidly think that reading has been one of the pleasant invariables in my life. Reading genuinely feeds his psyche. Looking in front 20-30 old ages, He will fear losing his seeing more than any other senior complaint. What the heck, he could bask reading The Adventures.

Among of the worst or most awkward experience of his calling as had been to place his younger brother ‘s organic structure at a local municipal mortuary.

Employment and Professional Activities

1986-1987 Research Laboratory, University of Timisoara-Romania.

1988-1990 Postdoctoral family, Institute for Advanced Study, Mwanza.

1991-1992 Senior Laboratory Assistance, University of Zurich.

1996-1997 Assistant Professor, Bugando University, Mwanza.

1997-1998 Associate Professor, University of Dar-es-salaam.

1998- Professor, University of Muhimbili, Dar-es-salaam.

1997-1998 Staff of Katoke Hospital Laboratory, Bukoba.

1998-2000 Director of MOI Physical Laboratory

2002-2004 Head of the Neurosurgical section at Muhimbili Orthopaedic and

Neurosurgical Institute.

2000-2006 President of the Medical Association of Tanzania ( MAT ) .

2007- Associate Professor in Neurosurgery at Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences ( MUCHS ) , Dar-es-salaam


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