Biological, psychological, sociocultural, and life-cycle forces

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We will examine how biological, psychological, coloratura, and life-cycle forces interact to shape individual development. We will consider the utility of theories that explain specific areas of development (e. G. , cognitive, constitutional, adult development). This course fulfills the following GE category Social Science: Individuals and Groups. Goals: Students understand the systematic study of human behavior and cognition; the structure of human societies, cultures, and institutions; and the processes by which individuals, groups, and societies interact, communicate, and use human, natural, and economic resources.

Expected Learning Outcomes: 1 . Students understand the theories and methods of social scientific inquiry as they apply to the study of individuals and groups. 2. Students understand the behavior of individuals, differences and similarities in social and cultural contexts of human existence, and the processes by which groups function. 3. Students comprehend and assess individual and group values and their importance in social problem solving and policymaking. Disclaimer: HEADSETS online is very much a “do-it-yourself” learning experience.

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You will construct knowledge about lifespan development by reading the textbook, implementing learning activities, and participating in online discussions. If you are expecting (or desire) a course experience that primarily centers around instructor lectures, please consider taking a face-to-face section of HEADS 2400 instead. Required Course Materials: Launched for Burger’s Invitation to the Lifespan with ADSM Updates (2nd edition; 2014). Launched is an online learning program. When you purchase Launched, you are actually purchasing a 6 month license to use it.

There are a number of different purchasing/textbook format options: 1. Launched standalone: ISBN 9781 4641 77484. Launched contains an eBook; this option is for those students who can get by without a physical textbook. ) Cost: about $65. 2. Launched + (new) softener book: ISBN 9781 4641 89487 an option for students who prefer a physical textbook over an eBook. Cost: about $140. 3. Launched + (new) loose leaf book: ISBN 9781 4641 89555 another option for students who prefer a physical textbook over an eBook. Cost: about $100. 4.

Launched standalone + buying used or renting textbook? You could also try this option, but it may wind up being more expensive than one or more of the above options. HEADS 2400 online, syllabus, AU2014, p. 1/7 Do Not Buy! Do not buy a new book without Launched, such as ISBN 9781 4641 72052. And under no circumstance should you buy an eBook separately (e. G. , ISBN 9781 4641 80330, or courtesan eBook ISBN 9781 4292 83526). Doing so would be redundant since an eBook is already bundled into Launched (which you have to buy anyway). Launched Temporary Access.

It’s possible to start off the semester using a free, 21 day “Temporary Access” trial in Launched (see http://tiny. C/Launched-Fish-AU and click “Temporary Access”). Temporary Access is recommended if: (1) you’re unsure if you’re going to stick with the course; (2) you’re unsure whether you can get y with using the eBook (included in Launched) in place of a physical textbook; (3) finances or financial aid issues prevent you from purchasing Launched at the outset of the semester. Temporary Access can be converted to paid access at the end of the trial.

Registering for Launched – Important Tips 1 . Always use your US email address (e. G. , smith. [email protected] Du) when registering for Launched. This is true whether you’re registering for the free Temporary Access version or the paid version. 2. If you already have an access code, click the button “Enter Your Student Access Code” in the upper right corner and follow the instructions. If you don’t have an access code, either click the “Purchase Access” or “Temporary Access” button. 3. When signing up for my HEADS 2400 Launched course, you will need to enter your US ID #.

See HTTPS://registrar. Us. Du/alumni/transcript_FAQ. Asp#QUO if you’re unsure of your US ID #. 4. If you have any problems registering, purchasing, or logging in, see p. 5 of this syllabus for Launched technical support information. Course Requirements: 1 . Complete and pass (90% or higher) the Orientation Quiz in Carmen. 2. Complete and pass (90% or higher) the Discussion Guidelines Quiz in Carmen. 3. Complete the signed readings. 4. Complete the assigned learning activities in Launched. 5. Complete two written exams. 6. Complete two to three paper assignments. 7.

Complete an introductory “Icebreaker” assignment in Carmen – Discussions. 8. Participate in online discussions in Carmen. Description of Requirements: 1. Icebreaker Assignment (3 points / < 1% of your overall grade) A simple activity to introduce yourself to your classmates. The instructions are in Carmen -> Content. You will post your Icebreaker in Discussions in the “Icebreakers” discussion board. 2. Orientation Quiz (6 points / ? 1% of your overall grade) An online quiz in Carmen to make sure that you are sufficiently oriented to the course’s components, policies, and procedures.

You must answer at least 11 out of 12 questions correctly (91% or higher) to continue in the course. You may take the orientation quiz as many times as needed to reach this score. 3. Discussion Guidelines Quiz (5 points / ?1% of your overall grade) Because some discussion boards may contain controversial topics, the Discussion Guidelines Quiz is meant to ensure all students’ posts are appropriate (I. E. , civil in nature). You must answer at least 9 out of 10 questions (90% or higher) to participate in the online concussions.

You may take the discussion guidelines quiz as many times as needed to achieve this minimum score. HEADS 2400 Online, Syllabus, AU2014, p. 2/7 4. Assigned Readings This course will cover chapters 1-15 in Burger’s Invitation to the Lifespan with ADSM Updates (2nd edition) textbook. 5. Launched Learning Activities (436 points / 49% of your overall grade) Although some of your online time will be spent within Carmen, most of your time will be spent in an online learning tool called Launched. Launched can be accessed directly from links within our course in Carmen, or can be accessed directly via http://tiny. / Launched-Fish-AU. The learning activities in Launched will account for 49% of total grade. The specific learning activities and their portion of your total grade are as follows: (50) Learning’s activities – repeatable up to deadlines (250 points / 28% of your overall grade) (15) Chapter Quizzes – 3 attempts up to deadlines (1 50 points / 17% of your overall grade) (12) Student Video Activities – repeatable up to deadlines (36 points / 4% of your overall grade) Each textbook chapter will have Launched learning activities.

These learning activities must be completed by their stated deadlines (see Course Schedule, p. 7). Late submissions are not permitted. 6. Exams (300 points / 33% of your overall grade) There will be two exams, a midterm (chapters 1-8, worth 160 points) and a final (chapters 9-15, worth 140 points). The exam questions will be multiple-choice format, and will contain questions similar to those encountered on the Chapter Quizzes that you will take in Launched. I will provide a study guide approximately 7-10 days prior to each exam.

Taking exams at their scheduled times. With class enrollments ranging from 125 to 200+ students, it is important that you do everything within your power to the exams t their regularly scheduled times. This will minimize the logistical difficulties of arranging numerous make-up exams. Our midterm is scheduled for 6:pm-7:pm, Friday, October 24. Our final exam is scheduled for 8:pm-9:pm, Friday, December 12. Please note these dates and make any necessary arrangements now (I. E. , with employers, childcare providers, family) to ensure your availability.

Note: To minimize the number of make-up exams needed, a “make-up exam penalty’ will be levied unless a student has an exceptional excuse as to why they cannot attend the regularly scheduled exam. Examples of exceptional excuses include another class/ exam, participation at an academic function such as a conference, varsity athletic travel/games, etc. By contrast, reasons that aren’t apt to be excused are: Reasons for alternate exam When make-up exam is taken Penalty (points) Childcare, Family event (e. G. , wedding), Prior to scheduled exam 5 Illness (self or other), Work.

After scheduled exam 10 Exam conflict because of another exam in a different course? Please contact me as soon as possible (at least 5 days prior to our exam) if you find one of our HEADSETS exams overlaps with an exam in one of your other courses. You will need to present evidence of the conflict (e. . , syllabus, email from instructor, screenings from Carmen) to avoid a make-up penalty. Off-campus exams? Students may arrange to take an exam off-campus, and at no penalty, if they have a highly extenuating circumstance that prevents them from taking the exam on campus.

Examples of highly extenuating circumstances include having or receiving treatment for a major medical illness, living more than 60 miles from main campus (e. G. , commuter students, students away on internships), traveling for varsity athletics, etc. Proof of your extenuating circumstance must be provided for officious exam consideration. Off-campus exams are not permitted simply for reasons of convenience (e. G. , to avoid missing work, to avoid having to get a babysitter, etc. ). Permission to take an exam off- HEADS 2400 online, syllabus, AU2014, p. /7 site must be obtained from me at least ten days prior to the exam’s scheduled date. In addition, it is solely your responsibility to locate and arrange for a proctor (See “Guidelines for Securing Proctoring for Offside Exams” in Carmen -> Content). Any fee charged by the proctor is solely the student’s responsibility, not Ohio State University’s responsibility. 7. Paper Assignments (105 points / ?11% of your overall read) You will write two to three papers that will ask you to apply your knowledge of human development. Paper instructions and their due dates will be posted in Carmen Content by week 2 of the course. . Class Participation (45 points / ?5% of your overall grade) Your class participation grade will be based upon your number of postings on any of the discussion boards in Forum #1 (Q) and Forum #2 (Discussing Chapter Content). Your class participation will be tracked and scored during four “quarters” during the semester: Course Period: 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Window: Semester Start – pm, Fri. Seep 26 :01 pm, Fri. seep 26 – apron, Fri. cot 24 6:01 pm, Fri. cot 24 – apron, Fri. NOVO 21 6:01 pm, Fri. NOVO 21 – apron, Fri. Deck 12 Min. Of Discussion Board Posts: 4 3 While participating in online course discussions, you are expected to adhere to the course “Discussion Guidelines” at all times. Failure to conform to these guidelines may result in participation point deductions or, in exceptional cases, being barred from further discussion board participation. For more details about participation scoring and discussion etiquette, please see Class Participation Grading and Discussion Guidelines in Carmen -> Content -> Reference.

Summary of Assignments, Point Values, Percentage of Overall Grade; Course Grading Scale Assignment Icebreaker Orientation Quiz Discussion Guidelines Quiz Launched Learning Activities Two Exams Papers Class Participation Total Possible Points Points 6 436 300 105 45 ? % of your overall Grade 1% 33% 5% Course Grading Scale 720 – 746 = 8693 – 719 630 – 656 = CHIC – 629 837 – = A 810 – 836 = AWAY 747 – 782 = B 657 – 692 = c 540-602 = D 601 or under = E ? 809 = 8+ Grading Procedures / Grading Policies: 1 .

Written assignments will be graded within 7 – 10 days of their submission deadline. During this grading time, the assignment will be hidden in your graduated until the entire class’s assignment grading is completed. Also, if you submit an assignment before the due date, please be patient we usually wait until the submission deadline before we begin grading. HEADS 2400 online, syllabus, AU2014, p. 4/7 2. Questions about assignment grades should be brought up within 10 days of the grade’s posting. Don’t wait until the end of the semester to ask about a grade posted several weeks before. . Final course grades are determined by the number of points earned, not the percentage of the total points earned, and I do not bump up Final Grade point totals. For example, a student who finishes with 806 / 900 points would receive a 8+ per the grading scale above. Although 806 points is 89. 5% of the total points (900) in the course, the student’ grade would not be bumped up to an A-. 4. I may, on occasion, make small extra credit assignments available. However, please do not depend on (or ask for) extra credit assignments. . Launched grades in Carmen? Although you will spend time online in both Launched (learning activities, chapter quizzes) and Carmen (discussion boards, drop submissions, etc. ), your course grades book will be kept in Carmen – Graduated. Consequently, you may find times where you have earned a grade in Launched but the grade isn’t showing in Carmen. Do not panic. The grade will generally be copied over from Launched into Careen’s graduated within a days time if not sooner. Other Policies / Procedures / Things to Note: 1.

Internet Access, Carmen, Launched: With the exception of the 2 exams and an optional course orientation, this course will be delivered exclusively over the internet. Consequently, access to a computer with internet capability is required to participate in this course. Furthermore, a fast internet connection is critical. Slower connection speeds will significantly hinder your ability to participate in the course, especially if using an textbook or when using Launched. Be especially careful if trying to access Launched on a shared wireless connection that has heavy traffic.

For example, you may find Launched sluggish if trying to use it while one or more roommates are streaming Nettling movies or doing online gaming. In Case of Technical Difficulties. An obvious key to successfully completing an online course is having technology that works. Please note the following resources that may be of assistance in times of troubleshooting need: Carmen or PC issues: Carmen browser check: HTTPS://Carmen. Us. Du/dad/tools/system_check/ systemic. Asp? O=6605 US help desk: call (614)-688-HELP or email [email protected] Du Carmen Troubleshooting Help: http://learning. Us. Du/Carmen-help/students/ index. HTML US system statuses to see if Carmen is slow/down: http://leap. Us. Du/ status. PH? System=2 (you can additionally sign up to receive IRS and/or email notices of Carmen status changes) Course Q: Technical questions can be posted (and answered) in our General Q Discussion Board in Carmen. Some technical Q can also be found in Carmen -> FAQ (look for he menu link). Launched: Technical questions about Launched can be posted (and answered) in our General Q Discussion Board in Carmen. Some technical Q can also be found in Carmen – > FAQ (look for the menu link).

Launched How To Links: http://CM. Creativeness. Com/s/ Miscellanea_Studentship/m/Launches Launched Tech Support form: http://support. Pub. Com/supporter/form. Phone’=contact Launched phone support: 800-936-6899, am – am EST (7 days/week) Backup Website: In the unlikely event that course communication becomes impossible for a time (say, ore than 8 hours) due to simultaneous problems with both Carmen and US Email (but not the internet as a whole), I will communicate important announcements via the blob I use for marketing the course: c.

HEADS 2400 online, syllabus, AU2014, p. 5/7 2. Technical Mishaps and Deadlines If a system-wide (Carmen) wide or campus wide outage affects the entire class’ access to Carmen and/or Launched then, where circumstances merit, I will grant an assignment deadline extension. However, I will not grant extensions on an individual basis for students who miss deadlines because of last minute technology problems.


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