Birthday party

November 22, 2017 General Studies

How to plan a birthday party When you decide to have a party, you must realize that the people you invite are there to have a good time. If you don ‘t plan the party correctly, your guests may not enjoy it. No matter what, remember how important it’s to take the time to plan your party step by step. Planning a birthday a party can be fun and exciting. When you planning a party there are many important details to be remembered: theme, location, guest list, decorations, and menu. The first step is calculating your budget. You have to know the total cost of the party.

Knowing your budget will assist you in making decisions such as, who will cook your food and where the party will take place. Next is to do a guest list. When choosing a guest list it’s important to invite only those who you are sure the birthday boy/girl will enjoy. Also keep in mind that you can never invite to many people. Now it’s time to decide on the date, place, and time of the party. Most parties take place on the weekends for the convenience of working class. Once you have picked a date and time, check to make sure your location will be available.

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Try choosing a lace that you know your guest of honor will love. The space of the place is really important, you have to know the capacity of the place according to the people you will invite. After you have confirmed that the date, place, and time are all available you will choose a theme. 0 The theme is where you get ideas for your decorations, invitations, and even games (if you want. Depending on what the invitation says it can tell your guest what type of party to expect. Then, you will decide on a menu. You can prepare simple platters such as hamburgers and hot dogs.


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