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February 13, 2019 Health

Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Data Sheet
This document holds the information and instructions required for you to
recover your BTC Wallet should anything happen.
Print it out and keep it in a safe location; if you lose these details you
will never be able to recover your wallet.
Wallet Identifier (v3)
Backup Info
Encrypted Primary Seed
library filter office spy wall crawl train tissue faith amount abandon accuse clog
canvas child shock unit stamp apart off crop ordinary cement tired brand sight
husband execute scissors rate dress find like blast better fox velvet immense
electric blanket seminar victory nurse correct symbol expect violin unfold spend
hard asset oyster glad wear shiver grit street lounge milk enrich
Backup Seed
captain fossil all camera fish mushroom reunion force dial aim real menu dog collect
thank unit rubber health catch foster sudden abandon speed alter
Encrypted Recovery Secret
library fatal pact anchor mosquito apple manage meadow rival session abandon above
hamster afford fun hungry swing finish exit result canal sting tunnel web suit
subway gaze ecology prepare beauty excite uncover never mirror deliver giggle
tornado very novel wage transfer business month current senior olive warfare course
moral present tone woman air cross select million bullet slab define flash

BTC Wallet Public Keys
1 in total
KeyIndex: 0 Path: M/0′
[email protected]
Support Secret
this can be shared with helpdesk to proof ownership of backup document

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Backup Info – part 2
This page needs to be replaced / updated when wallet password is changed!
Password Encrypted Secret
library fish recycle ripple vault swear loop gossip toss session abandon ability
engine math divide genuine dawn jealous focus script drop element column success
ahead short claw autumn gesture innocent excess element mule glue stool comfort
cream appear recycle athlete struggle glad render transfer museum speed crawl best
plunge gospel giggle visa fury travel secret apple goose category expire sunset
Wallet Recovery Instructions
You can recover the bitcoins in your wallet on
using this backup sheet.
For a more technical aproach on how to recover your wallet yourself, see the
‘wallet_recovery_example.php’ script in the examples folder of the Blocktrail


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