Bitter Gourd Essay

September 5, 2017 Medical

I. Introduction

The acrimonious melon ( besides known as acrimonious calabash ) looks like a Cucumis sativus but with ugly gourd-like bumps all over it. As the name implies. this veggie is a melon that is acrimonious. There are two assortments of this veggie: One grows to about 20 centimeters long. is oblong and pale viridity in colour. The other is the smaller assortment. less than 10 centimeter long. ellipse and has a darker green colour. Both assortments have seeds that are white when unripe and that bend red when they are mature. The vegetable-fruit bend reddish-orange when ripe and becomes even more acrimonious. Bitter gourd thrives in hot and humid climes. so are normally found in Asiatic states and South America. Westerners may non be so used to acrimonious melons. so may happen them more hard to devour. But if you can by and large take acrimonious gustatory sensation. you may be able to take this excessively. Try it. at least for all its healthful virtuousnesss!

A. Background of the he-man Y

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Bitter melon is one of the best vegetable-fruit that helps better diabetic and toxemia conditions. The ground why the research worker choose this. because it has a large portion in mundane life. The beneficiary can easy happen the acrimonious calabash in Markets or in their backyard. B. Statement of the job

The undermentioned inquiries were formulated by the research worker to reply.
1. What would be the benefits of the acrimonious calabash?
2. What is the scientific name of acrimonious calabash?
3. What are the disadvantages of acrimonious calabash?

C. Hypothesis

1. The acrimonious calabash can assist the beneficiary to decrease their unwellness in their organic structures. specially the diabetic individual. And besides for those beneficiary who has a low blood. acrimonious calabash helps to do the circulation mulct and good. 2. Momordica Chorantia.

3. If the donee will take more than one melon a twenty-four hours. it may do mild abdominal hurting or diarrhoea. For those. who are pregnant adult females should avoid taking excessively much acrimonious calabash or the juice as T may excite the womb that may take to preterm labour.

D. Significance of survey

Bitter melon is known scientifically as Momordica charantia. but more common names include acrimonious calabash. acrimonious Cucumis sativus and balsam pear. Though it can be found all over the universe. acrimonious melon is used chiefly in South America. East Africa. Asia and India. In these parts it has been used for centuries every bit medical specialty every bit good as nutrient. Research validates the many medicative utilizations of acrimonious melon.


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