Blackboard Jungle

December 21, 2016 Teaching

While Blackboard Jungle is a dramatized film about juvenile delinquency it covers many key problems that were starting to arise in young people around that time and are still apparent in young people today. This movie demonstrates how youth rebel against authority. .

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Teachers in public schools agree that student misbehaviour interferes with teaching. .

Removing disruptive students from classrooms could solve this problem. Therefore we must find an alternative program for those children whose abusive language and disruptive behavior prevent learning and would surely get them expelled from any civilized institution. Hopefully, this will help raise academic standards in our ailing public-school system.

The way a teacher handles a disruptive student(s) can have an impact on the remainder of the class. For example, if a student behaves inappropriately and the teacher does not give that student any kind of punishment, the other students might think that it is alright to do it. It is likely that that student is most likely to continue with their bad habits and continue to misbehave. The teacher will continue to give the student more slack and eventually the student will know no boundaries, thus the student will become incontrollable. If that continues, the classroom environment becomes chaotic, and jeopardizes the learning atmosphere.

This in turn leads to peer pressure/peer influences, the way students act among themselves. Influences from peers can have an outlasting impression on fellow classmates. Within a group, each individual student strives to become accepted and will often accept a peer’s suggestion. For example, in the movie .

=== like how there will always be a group fo students that have an effect on the rest of the students because they are more powerful, older, and popular. .

In today’s world we still see some of these problems along with many others. Every once in a while we hear about a teacher being attacked by a student but we mainly hear about students attacking students.


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