“Blaxicans” and Other Reinvented Americans Essay Sample

August 22, 2017 February 10th, 2019 Cultural

In Richard Rodriguez’s essay “’Blaxicans’ and Other Reinvented Americans. ” he states that people can take to place themselves with a civilization instead than a race because they cultures don’t describe the manner person looks ; they describe the manner they live and act. Rodriguez claims that Americans as a whole merely see race to be a black and white conversation. There are five racial classs that classify people. The groups are white. black. Asiatic. American Indian/Eskimo. and Hispanic. The job with these groups is that it limits people to be classified into one group. but what about the people that don’t fit into any of the classs? Harmonizing to Rodriguez. you will ne’er happen a Latino in Latin America. Hispanic is non a racial class. but more of an cultural or cultural term. Typically. Americans think of our society as multicultural. but Rodriguez proposes a new manner to see our society. which is through the construct of the mestizaje. which means intermixing together by blood. A theoretical account province of the mestizaje society is California.

Citizens in California have history get downing with the Gold Rush in the nineteenth century. which brought many different civilizations and races of people blended together. At a conference he met a adult female with parents of different civilizations. Mexican and African. who changed her civilization by claiming herself as a “Blaxican. ” By stating that she was a “blaxican. ” she changed what Americans believe to be normal and combined two races into one. The overall point that Rodriguez was seeking to acquire across with his essay was that anyone could be apart of any civilization. despite his or her expressions. Even though he is considered a “Hispanic” in Americans eyes. he claims that “… [ he is ] Chinese. and that is because [ he ] unrecorded [ s ] in a Chinese metropolis and because [ he ] want [ s ] to be Chinese” ( 409 ) .

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