Hear will always be yours no matter what we come across and i just love you so fucking much your my care bear and im your baby for ever i will always be faithful to you next time you think you see me looking at another girl will you just plaese dont even think about it im not other guys i will never be other guys no matter what anybody says you are the only girl i look at because you are my sexy and your body is so sexy and i love it so fucking muchthat is one thing that makes me mad because you think that whe its notwhat.

Im doing nor will i ever be doing that!! im on the phone with you right now and im getting so choked up its not even funny i want you with me so much right now i dont want you to ever leave my side ever and i sure as hell dont ever want to leave your side!!!! thats like now we are sitting on the phon i dont know what to say and i still love doing it because even though we arnt talking you are sitt on the phone with me and it has to do with you and thats all i look forward to !!!!!

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