Your preprinting should focus on the allowing: Details to identify the business problems faced by managers Issues critical to solving the problems Resources managers can draw from to determine a course of action Defining and stating the problem Deciding on the short-term objectives and the company’s long-term goals Stating the facts of the case and analyzing how they played a part in the problem. Step 3: Identify the business problem. Write the problem statement. Identify the most important, most urgent or most relevant problem A. First list the symptoms of the problem. One symptom: Another symptom: Symptom:

B. Then name the main underlying issue or core problem that’s causing the symptoms. Underlying issue: C. Write the problem statement. State the most significant problem in 3 to 5 sentences. WHO is the decision maker (include title and company), WHAT is the underlying issue and a little background about the problem (context) and the decision maker’s goal in solving the problem (what does he/she need to do solve the problem), WHY does he/she need to address this now (what would happen if he/she doesn’t address the problem), and WHEN does he/she need to address it (urgency).

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B) To maintain market share in our sales territory over the next fiscal year. C) To hire a new IT manager by December 2011 with the following characteristics: (name them). Short-term objectives: 1. To… 2. To… Long-term objectives: Step 5: Identify and rank order the underlying issue (s) related to the problem. Here lies the heart of the case; if you miss a critical issue, you miss the opportunity to solve the case to the satisfaction of involved stakeholders. Identify most to least critical. Specify which issue should be addressed first.

Some issues are symptoms of larger or deeper problems: For example, two managers in open warfare with each other about budget or resource issues may be symptomatic of more serious, long-term budget problems, inadequate communication among the management team, or perhaps a corporate culture that encourages confrontation over minor issues. 2. 3. Step 6: Consider relevant information (facts) and underlying assumptions Accept the fact that much of the information contained in the case will not be useful to your analysis and that you’ll never have all the information needed to make a decision.

So narrow down the facts hat are relevant and separate facts from assumptions. Recognize there are some things you will know for sure and others that you will not. Assume other evidence not directly stated in the case. What factors in the organization are crucial? Has a merger had an effect on the organization’s culture? What about internal issues, such as Just-in-time manufacturing, quality assurance, or human resource management? How do these operations affect the organization’s competitive advantage?

What are your resources? Your investments, facilities, cash flow, ROI, and budget are the bottom line of strategy formulation and influence your analysis. Relevant Information (separate facts from assumptions) Fact Assumption Step 7: List possible solutions to the problem. There is always more than one solution to every problem. Write two or three solutions to the problem, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each (more cost effective, more enduring, less expensive, easier to use). 1. ) First solution.

Advantages Advantage Disadvantages Disadvantage Possible Outcomes Best: Most Likely: Least Likely: 2. ) Second solution Fill in same as above. Step 8: Select the best solution. Pick a solution, and then support it with evidence (facts and figures, appeal to common knowledge, anecdotal evidence, appeal to authority). What should the manager do and why? Support with evidence. Step 9: Decide how to implement the solution. Create a plan of action?actions required, time line, resources, personnel, impact on the organization, measurement of results.



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