Blood Spatter Analysis

The idea of blood splatter analysis with forensic investigations has been developing, and growing at a fast rate in the past ten years. In this paper I am going to look at the historical development of blood splatter analysis, physical properties of blood, various types of impact and weapons, and on how you go about finding the blood at a crime scene. In the first part of this paper, I will look at the basic introduction of what blood splatter analysis is and the characteristics of blood.

With most violent crimes, there is a strong chance that there will be some blood evidence left at the scene that could be used to solve, and explain the crime. When dealing with the investigations of a violent crime, or death, blood is usually the most important and abundant source of evidence left behind for investigators.

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When investigating a crime that has blood that is left, an experienced investigator can learn a lot about the type of weapon used if any, and also the force and angle of the blows. This is a crutial step for reconstructing the crime scene to determine what took place.



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