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BMW Advertising & Marketing Strategy The Ultimate Driving Machine Draft Agenda ? Introduction ? Marketing Overview ? Advertising Overview ? Target Audience ? Marketing Channels ? Advertising Campaigns ? Competition Analysis Introduction ?BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke ? Industry :Automotive industry ? Founded :1916 ? Founder: Franz Josef Popp ? Headquarters: Munich, Germany ? Products : Cars, Aircraft engines, motorcycles ? Employees : 96,230 ? Subsidiaries :Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Mini, BMW Motorrad , Husqvarna Marketing Overview

Consistent marketing policy, the ‘market niche’ strategy Branding based on four core values, which are: Technology ,Quality, Performance & Exclusivity Message of these values being portrayed in advertising campaigns BMW ads and campaigns are in response to the social, economic, environmental and competitive changes Providing the dealers with a central source for advertising, BMW ensures that all communications remain standardized as well as maintaining BMW s brand values. BMW also relies on its sensitivity to the environment Advertising Overview

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BMW s advertising strategy is based on four concepts: ? Core brand value ? Sniper Strategy ? Centre of Gravity ? BMW tone of voice Promotion Slogans Slogan Used A Luxury car that provides an exhilarating driving experience The Ultimate driving machine Time Frame Introduced in the year 1971 The first great opportunity Being used from past 15 years Overall brand focus and prestige Still used Focus on 7 series Still used Focus on 3 series New strategy with focus on brand, product, franchise and organization New slogan To promote sales of pre owned cars Designed for peace of mind, Not just peace and quite BMW core values at more attainable price BMW- The smart choice ‘Pre-Owned. We Swear. ‘ Target Audience The target market for BMW includes: ? Generation Xs and Dot comers ? Average work hard and play hard was 46 years old. Two thirds were male, married and no children. The median income was $1,50,000. ? Creative class ? High net worth Individuals and Professionals who earn $90,000 and above per annum. Marketing Channels BMW s marketing channels are as follows: Television commercials ? Internet ? Print ? Event Sponsorships ? Mobile marketing TV Commercials ? TV reaches a much larger audience than local newspapers and radio stations, and it does so during a short period of time. ? TV reaches viewers when they’re the most attentive. ? It allows the company to convey their message with sight, sound, and motion, which can give their product instant credibility. ?It gives the company an opportunity to be creative and attach a personality to their brand. Why Internet ?

Wide Reach Geographically, you can access local, national, or even global markets to expand Measurable Track visitation stats, conversions, paths through a website Affordable Internet Marketing is on average less expensive than traditional media Interactive Allows quick and easy communication between advertiser and visitor via filling out online forms, email, or even live chat that further increase the chance of a sale or conversion Internet Advertising Why Print Media? ? Specific Target Audience ? Loyal Readerships ?

Special Ad Positioning ? Credibility ? Long Life Span ? High Reach Prospective BMW Print ad campaign ? Inspiring Designs Don t Always Start on Paper -5 series ? Motion is our Muse- 5 series ? Car Seat- Mini ? Oftalmologist and Cardiologist adsBMW workshop, specialized medicine for your vehicle Vintage Ads BMW Sponsored Events BMW Motorsport. BMW cars demonstrate their sporting genes on many important stages: 24-hour classics, production car racing, the Formula BMW junior series, and customer racing BMW Golf Sport.

BMW is partner of important professional tournaments like the BMW Championship, Ryder Cup, BMW PGA Championship and BMW International Open BMW Yacht Sport. The commitment to the sport ranges from BMW ORACLE Racing to the largest international regatta series for amateurs, the BMW Sailing Cup. Advertising Campaigns Successful BMW campaigns: ? Company of ideas ? Washroom ad campaign. ? Mobile video ad ? BMW is JOY marketing campaign. ? BMW Films. ? Rampenfest viral campaign. BMW Films ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The Hire is a series of eight short films.

The films were made to lure upscale, mostly male audience. To exploit the popularity of the Internet. It is estimated that over 85% of potential car buyers will conduct their initial research on the Internet before they buy After the series began, BMW saw their sales numbers go up 12% from the previous year Following the web site films, traffic to the site was up 55% to 214,000 compared to only 138,000 the previous week. BMWFilms. com was one of the Internet s fastest growing sites. Rampenfest viral campaign ?The idea is simple and witty ? Launched for internet savy audience ?

Campaign designed mainly for Face book and YouTube users Competition Analysis AUDI Some of the salient features of Audi s marketing are ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Have a strong slogan progress through technology Activities in the field of sports, art and culture. Multitronic campaign. Promoting through video games. Audi TDI-(Audi Mileage Marathon) Trade Fair A1 e-Tron concept Uses Viral Marketing ; Social Media campaign. Play Station Home Platform known as Audi Space. Use Marketing Stunts. BMW vs AUDI Ad Campaign BMW ; AUDI Bill Board War Thank You Sharath, Manoj ; DilipKumar


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