Bmw Conclusion

August 1, 2017 Marketing

Conclusion Need to do more of promotional strategies to attract more of female consumers with like of limited edition specially for females in their existing models or for new models in this edition just by giving few simples thing which females like in the car for example- pink colour, soft-toys, trendy seat covers, etc. Furthermore, The Asia Pacific region is becoming increasingly crucial to global automotive sales.

Although it has been overshadowed by China’s rapid growth in recent years, emerging markets is set for steady growth where BMW is already there but needs to concentrate more and needs to adaptive marketing strategies to get success out there. These markets are going to be huge as there is more population in these countries as in comparison to US and UK market.

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In addition, BMW needs to come with few more BMW Films interactive marketing campaigns, the quot;Ultimate Driving Machinequot;. As it is had very successful and showed good promise in it for the selling point. These kinds of advertising are creating very good brand value for the company and company portrayed itself how they want to be in front of customers.

To conclude this essay I would like to say If BMW wants to double its sales in next 3-5 years then company need to continue its investment in R and innovate as that’s the strength of the company it enjoys competitive edge over the competitors. References: www. bmweducation. co. uk/companyhistory www. bmw. co. uk/models www. dtvprofessional. com/2002/12_dec/features/bmw_returns www. bmweducation. co. uk/companyfacts www. 15digitalmarketing. co. uk/articles/2006/01/21/ www. just-auto. com www. wikipedia. com


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