Body Obsession Essay

June 20, 2018 Marketing

Society’s attitude toward what is beautiful and the perfect organic structure form forces many people to desire to alter their organic structure by traveling to extremes. like utilizing steroids or plastic surgery. to accomplish what they believe is their ideal organic structure. This happens in both work forces and adult females. they both use irregular methods to conform to the societal criterion. The media has normally ever defined who is beautiful and who is non. Many people believe that they have to strive be like the film star on telecasting or the gorgeous adult females in magazines. Their self-esteem and assurance is straight related to the manner they look. This has been an on-going issue through many coevalss. the media and films normally set the criterion for what is considered beautiful and gorgeous. Women’s and men’s self-pride has been dramatically worsening because of the force per unit area that is put on them to be strong and reasonably. The more grounds they have to utilize these different methods to acquire what they long for. the more extremes they go to accomplish their end.

Women use many methods including plastic surgery to hold dramatic alterations done to their organic structure. They believe if they have this process they will hold more assurance and experience better about their ego. This quotation mark shows the emphatic force per unit area that immature people feel to look like film stars ; “…I Want a Celebrated Face underscores the self-loathing of immature people pursing surgery ; although most of them are conventionally attractive to get down with. we learn in painful item how inadequate they feel in relation to their template famous person. whose imagined portion of cosmopolitan love ( the love that is celebrity’s cultural due ) they cheerfully label “self-esteem. ”” ( Blum 804 ) . But the hazard of these processs are really high. adult females do non concentrate on the hazards alternatively they take them to seek and suit into what has socially become the criterion of beauty. These adult females feel that if they are non scraggy or pretty that they are non deserving anything.

This has been caused by the changeless reminder in society and in films and magazines for adult females and misss to be beautiful. Another manner for people to derive their coveted expression is to harm their organic structures by developing utmost illnesss like anorexia or binge-eating syndrome ; these can do long permanent effects and can change a person’s wellness. Are adult females candidly seting their wellness at hazard merely to suit into this arrested development on organic structure image? The thought that adult females should be strong and independent is turning. Athletic companies have taken advantage of this thought. This quotes provinces that “Aspiring jocks are so encouraged by slick advertisement runs to place their ain single empowerment- in kernel. their relationship to feminism- with that of the corporate entity that acts as a famous person women’s rightist. ” ( Dworkin 742 ) .

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These companies started marketing specifically to adult females. by utilizing gimmick phrases that are supposed to authorise adult females and famous persons that emphasize this authorization. This played on the organic structure image issue by seeking to do adult females experience better about them if they buy certain apparels and places from these companies that media and magazines promote. If they buy these points. adult females believe that they are more like the people that promote them ; strong and confident. which is what they want to be. Men diet. raise weights and work out to seek and accomplish the expression of work forces in magazines. In “Getting Huge. Geting Ripped: A Qualitative Exploration of Recreational Steroid Use” . Petrocelli. Oberweiss. and Petrocelli stated that “When dieting. preparation and legal addendums all failed to bring forth the magazine-like consequences. respondents realized that they would necessitate illegal addendums to accomplish their ends. ” ( Petrocelli 758 ) .

Work force wanted to acquire muscular because they feel more powerful if they have more musculus. and since legal addendums were non plenty. they turned to steroids. In the media. cats who are truly muscular are considered more dominant and beautiful than the scraggy small white cats. Because of this work forces travel to extremes to keep musculus and to derive more. Many prevarication to their partners or have fiscal problems because they spend so much on steroids. Besides. most work forces ignore the wellness hazards involved with this drug merely because they want to be bigger and better than other work forces. Some people keep utilizing steroids which have many side effects. and while it makes them “huge. ” the hazards are non worth the injury it causes to their organic structures. Since the media links maleness to power. work forces truly have no pick but to take the hazards to make the end that they want for their organic structure and their coveted degree of maleness.

Since childhood many people have encouraged others to “Be Yourself. ” so they may reason that people should non desire to alter the manner they are. but alternatively embracing and love their single ego. They should non seek and cover up their defects. but realize that those are what makes them alone. But by the clip those people are in their teens they have seen 1000s of advertizements that focus on beautiful adult females and strong work forces. Our society topographic points accent on the beautiful people but so once more encourages people to be themselves. But for most people being themselves is non plenty. There is so much force per unit area on work forces to be strong and adult females to be reasonably. how can they love who they are when they can non suit into the cast that society makes.

Although society embracings people that stand out and demo who they are. they besides stress people to conform to a certain criterion of beauty or power. If they do non. they believe that they will be made merriment of. Almost everyone struggles with this at some point in their lives. Some people do happen some manner to alter. but most eventually acquire over their imperfectnesss and larn to populate with them. Whether it is steroids or plastic surgery. people want to alter themselves because of the force per unit area that media puts on them to be and look a certain manner. While this subject may look fiddling. it is in fact important in footings of today’s concern over organic structure image. Body compulsion is coercing people to harm them and the people around them. This issue is of import. in a universe that is progressively focused around the media. the force per unit area people feel about how they look plays a large portion in society.

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