Book –My Best Friend Essay

September 19, 2017 General Studies

Book is the best friend. a human being can hold. Book is a friend that is ne’er unpatriotic. Books are our friends for life as because they ne’er reject. ne’er go or come. ne’er battle and ne’er fault us. Books make our life easy to take as they inform us about assorted ways of taking life. Books are enlightening every bit good as informative. A individual is ne’er traveling to experience entirely in the presence of books. There’re two ways to acquire educated. one is to larn from experiences and the 2nd 1 is to larn from books. I am traveling to give you an illustration. my female parent asks me to take a boiler of boiling milk from a range.

I can touch the grip of the boiler with au naturel manus and can fire my manus. If I have read a book on scientific discipline and so I know that the grip of the boiler is hot. Therefore. I will utilize a shred to keep the grip. which will salvage my manus from firing. Now we all can appreciate the significance of acquisition of cognition from books. Books are the best aggregation of the experiences of our ascendants. best aggregations of the facts and figures. assist us to understand the nature. our yesteryear. our civilization and our civilisation.

We need non hold to wait boulder clay we get firsthand experience. Taking firsthand experience to derive cognition is non lone clip devouring. but painful. besides. Books have many admirations in it and they make a individual absorbed in their interesting content. The best illustration of being a friend of book can be seen while long journeys when a individual has nil to make except to sit and wait for his finish. During my last holiday to Moosorise. we had 16 hours of journey. I purchased a book on Moral Stories which I finished during this journey.

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I was so absorbed in the book that I did non recognize the length of journey. The most of import things is that I learnt the experiences of centuries in merely eight hours of book reading. This is what my best friend – the book can give me. In fact. my books have helped me in understanding the significance of friendly relationship with my friends in my category and outside universe. In one sentence. I can sum up about my best friend – my book – “ You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and experience a small as if you have lost a friend. ”


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