Book of Acts Essay

August 31, 2017 Philosophy

The Book of Acts The book of Act was written by Saint Luke. The day of the month of the authorship is unsure. but most bookmans favor the period 8-90 A. D. Some people think that Acts represents normative guidelines for the New Testament church for all times. In this position I think it is agreeable for the book of Acts of the Apostless merely shows the ideal church with matching beliefs and values. This sort of church should be present to all even up to the present times. This book. in which St. Luke records the actions of the apostles. peculiarly of St. Peter and St.

Paul. ( whose comrade in travel he was. ) is as it were the Centre between the Gospel and the Epistles. It contains. after a really brief re-capitulation of the evangelical history. a continuance of the history of Christ. the event of his anticipations. and a sort of addendum to what he had before spoken to his adherents. by the Holy Ghost now given unto them. It contains besides the seeds. and first staying power of all those things. which are enlarged upon in the epistles. The Gospels dainty of Christ the caput. The Acts show that the same things befell his organic structure ; which is animated by his Spirit. persecuted by the universe. defended and exalted by God.

In this book is shown the Christian philosophy. and the method of using it to Jews. pagans. and trusters ; that is. to those who are to be converted. and those who are converted: the hinderances of it in peculiar work forces. in several sorts of work forces. in different ranks and states: the extension of the Gospel. and that expansive revolution among both Jews and pagans: the triumph thereof. in Spite of all resistance. from all the power. maliciousness. and wisdom of the whole universe. distributing from one chamber into temples. houses. streets. markets. Fieldss. hostel. prisons. cantonments. tribunals. chariots. ships. small towns. metropoliss. islands: to Jews. pagans. magistrates. generals. soldiers. castrate. prisoners. slaves. adult females. kids. crewmans: to Athens. and at length to Rome.

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Others view it as merely descriptive for the first century church. Descriptive in the sense that it merely describes the form and how the church worked during that period of clip. The term “Acts” is non used. as it is sometimes with us. to denote edicts or Torahs or holding to depict it. but it denotes the behaviors of the apostles. It is a record of what the apostles did in initiation and set uping the Christian church.

It is worthy of comment. nevertheless. that it contains a record of the behaviors of Peter and Paul. Peter was commissioned to open the doors of the Christian church to both Jews and Gentiles. and Paul was chosen to bear the Gospel particularly to the heathen universe. As these two apostles were the most outstanding and distinguished in initiation and forming the Christian church. it was deemed proper that a particular and lasting record should be made of their labours. While some think that it is both a normative guidelines and a description of the church of the first century. At the beginning of the book the writer states his intent and that is to explicate to Theophilus. and to the universe. how Christianity arose and began its expanse across the Earth.

By this clip Christianity appeared to be on the manner to going a universe faith. and some history of its beginning was needed so that it might appeal to cultured and erudite people. It talks about the Day of Pentecost. empowered by the Holy Spirit ; the apostles take the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the Mediterranean universe. The rubric is misdirecting. for Acts is non a record of all the original adherents of Jesus. The book gives the early history of Christianity from Christ’s Ascension outside Jerusalem to Paul’s visit in Rome. Chapters 1-12 emphasis the work of Peter in Judea and nearby lands. chiefly among Jews. Chapters 13- 28 Tell of the far- ranging missional sermon of Paul. chiefly to heathens. In my sentiment it is a normative guideline for the New Testament church.

In the book of Acts. it is shown how the people and the truster should move before God. All antiquity is consentaneous in imputing this book to Luke as its writer. It is repeatedly mentioned and quoted by the early Christian authors. and without a dissentient voice is mentioned as the work of Luke. The same thing is clear from the book itself. It professes to hold been written by the same individual who wrote the Gospel of Luke. Ac 1:1 ; was addressed to the same individual. and bears manifest Markss of being from the same pen. It is designed obviously as a continuance of his Gospel. as in this book he has taken up the history at the really clip where he left it in the Gospel. Ac 1:1. 2.

It besides shows that the Holy Spirit is truly with His people if they will inquire from it. for the Holy Spirit will be their sympathizer and friend. The church presents should be guided by the Holy Spirit for a strong foundation. The Gospel should be good delivered and evangelized throughout the universe by the trusters. They should move upon what is right merely like what Paul and Peter did in the book of Acts where in they weren’t afraid to distribute the good intelligence among all people. This book has normally been regarded as a history of the Christian church. and of class the first ecclesiastical history that was written. But it can non hold been designed as a general history of the church. Many of import minutess have been omitted.

It gives no history of the church at Jerusalem after the transition of Paul ; it omits his journey into Arabia. Gad 1:17 ; gives no history of the extension of the Gospel in Egypt. or in Babylon. 1Pe 5:13 ; of the foundation of the church at Rome ; of many of Paul’s ocean trips and shipwrecks. 2Co 11:25 ; and omits to enter the labours of most of the apostles. and confines the narrative chiefly to the minutess of Peter and Paul. Mentions: 1. Book of Acts. New Standard Encyclopedia. Volume 2. Pages 355-356. 2. Young person Bible. Holy Bible Contemporary English Version. Global Edition. Pages 861-871 3. Acts of the Apostles. Wikipedia. the Free Encyclopedia. hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Acts_of_the_Apostles


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