Book of Eli Social Commentary Essay

October 13, 2017 Religion

The movie The Book of Eli directed by the Hughes brothers is a cinematic show of dystopian mastermind. Many dystopian movies critique authorities engagement. privateness issues. and ethical concerns. However in The Book of Eli. the Hughes brothers take a leap to a different portion of modern society: faith. Numerous faiths are practiced in society as they are protected under the first amendment. The written word can be interpreted many different ways whether it is for good or evil and this movie does a great occupation sketching the readings. The Book of Eli is a dystopian symbol for how organized faith is abused in modern society. Religion as a whole is seen throughout the movie. Eli. the chief character. believes that his intent on Earth is to convey the Bible out West and to protect it. He is a spiritual adult male. regularly reading and praying from the book. He is devout and puts the books’ protection before other ethical issues.

In the movie. Eli encounters a adult female being gang-raped. He proceeds to say” follow the way. follow the way. ” He continues traveling because his lone mission is to acquire the Bible to the West. Eli believes that God put him on Earth to transport the book to the West. so he will make anything to acquire it at that place. The beginning of the movie lineations Eli as holding the disposition of protecting the book. yet he doesn’t rather understand the message of compassion found within the words. In this same manner. we see spiritual Zealots who “believe” in their faith so strongly that they sometimes ignore those that have less than them. Eli could’ve helped the adult female being raped but alternatively continued with his journey. non rolling in the least. These yearss. people go to church to hear sermonizers speak of compassion and loving forgiveness but one time Mass is over. certain plenty there is ever a battle in the parking batch when everyone is seeking to go forth in a haste.

For many. these Bibles go in one ear and out the other and merely certain transitions are held on to because they deal with the jobs faced merely at that really minute. Carnegie’s mission is one of the most of import parts of the movie. He is in a long hunt for the Bible and is one of the lone people who can still read. He yearns to reconstruct civilisation and go a dictator to many towns. He believes that the Bible holds power. With the book. Carnegie believes that he will be able to derive followings every bit long as he uses the written word. Carnegie and his work forces merely see the Bible as a agency of control. and do non see the true significance of the written word: compassion. devotedness. and freedom. This besides mirrors the current state of affairs with the Vatican. The Pope claims that rubbers will decline the African AIDS crisis.

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He believes “The traditional instruction of the church has proven to be the lone failsafe manner to forestall the spread of HIV/Aids. ” The Pope is seeking to utilize his faith to maintain power over the African people. 67 % of people with HIV live in Africa. so by him prophesying to non utilize rubbers. he will make a important sum of people. In a desperate state of affairs like this. the Pope will utilize his faith to convey his message of God. Religions like this 1 could be used to construct morality in people by taking narratives and happening the values in them. However. they can besides be used to assail certain persons and be used as a agency of control. Eli and Carnegie resemble both sides and warn of the immoralities that can come from an otherwise utile tool to learn from. Sunglassess besides play a powerful function in the movie as Eli wears them cryptically throughout.

The audience does non cognize why this is until the terminal of the film when it is revealed that Eli is at least partly blind. if non wholly. Looking back at the movie. intimations are dropped to propose that Eli lacks vision. A important line he says is “I walk by religion non by sight. ” This can be interpreted in many ways. Eli walks with the Bible. his religion. to the West seashore. He feels God put him on Earth to convey the bible to the West to continue it along with other of import books of religion that will subsequently be used to animate civilisation. While walking. he is guided by God’s message alternatively of what he is able to see in forepart of him. Merely two people in the movie are able to read the book: Eli and Solara’s female parent.

Those who can’t see are the lone 1s who can truly read from the book. They are the most pure in the sense that they can non see the corrupt society around them. so wholly they have to steer them through life is their religion. In today’s society people are surrounded by the aberrant behaviours of sexual activity. drug use. and force as amusement. In order to remain grounded to their ain morality. people rely on their religion to steer them. These people are blind to the ailments of society because they are confident in their values. The Book of Eli does a phenomenal occupation of depicting maltreatments of faith in modern society. nevertheless. the construct it much bigger than that.

In a perfect universe. there are perfect people and no jobs. In today’s society people do whatever they want with their money. clip. faith. etc. There are no land roots to fall back on. The people are the 1s making pandemonium ; it’s non any one specific event. However. people place the incrimination on anything they can believe of: money. clip. faith. etc. Most people use this incrimination to derive control. and so it becomes a power battle. This movie was meant for the audience to believe beyond the spiritual undertone. and recognize the existent issue: themselves.


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