Book Report Moon Palace English Literature Essay

July 11, 2017 English Literature

Moon Palace is about a adult male named Marco Stanley Fogg and his life until he was 25 old ages old. Marco lives with his female parent until she dies in a traffic accident. When his female parent dies, he is merely a kid. Then he lives with his uncle Victor Fogg. Uncle Victor is a 43 old ages old unmarried man and clarinettist to whom Marco is really fond. He lives with his uncle for old ages in New York and goes to college at that place. Suddenly they move. He stay in school and lives happy. He goes to college and is a smart pupil. Till his uncle Victor dies. This impressed him so much that he begins to alter. He inherits Uncle Victor ‘s books and his clarinet. He loves reading the books. Meanwhile, it is acquiring worse. He gets his money in the incorrect manner and ends up in problem. Finally he is driven from his place and lives on the streets. For several months he lives on the streets and in Central Park until his best friend finds him. He helps him to recover a normal life.. Then he meets Kitty Woo with whom he falls in love. They seem to be made for each other. Anyway, after Marco has his life back and he repaid his debts, he finds work as an entertainer for Mr. Effing. This is a blind and paralytic adult male. Marco reads every twenty-four hours books for Mr. Effing. He is really obstinate and average, but he is besides an interesting individual. One twenty-four hours Effing begins to state Marco all about his life. You get really long descriptions about the life of Effing. He says that everyone thinks he is dead because he has changed his name. He says that he thereby lost his full life etc. Marco should all compose this down because Effing feels that he is close decease. Effing besides had a boy. Effing is a rich adult male and he wants his boy to inherit everything. Sleep togethering wants Marco to assist him to make something good before he dies. They come to the thought to give 50 thousand dollars to person who urgently needs it. The program works. On one flushing it rains like snake pit and Thomas Effing gets pneumonia because he stood excessively long in the rain. He dies. Sometime subsequently Mr. Solomon Barber, the boy of Thomas Effing came for a meeting with Marco. A friendly relationship grows between the two. But it goes bad between Kitty and Marco. Marco and Kitty break-up because Kitty has committed an abortion. After this Marco and Solomon decide to go by auto. Along the manner they stop at the grave of the female parent of Marco, and here it becomes clear that Solomon really is the male parent of Marco. Solomon says that he has done everything to happen Marco. But when he sent a missive to Uncle Victor, he moved fearing Solomon would take Marco off from him. Solomon must shout a batch. He did non recognize he was walking backwards until he falls into an empty grave and broke his dorsum. He died a few hebdomads subsequently. At the terminal Marco drives off with the auto and leaves all sorrow behind him. He is now determined to populate good and beautiful life.

Fictional characters

Marco Stanley Fogg

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“ Marco ” refers to Marco Polo, the western adventurer who reached China. Kitty Wu and Uncle Victor give him books in 1492, the same figure as the twelvemonth in which Columbus discovered America.

“ Stanley ” refers to the newsman Henry Morton Stanley, who Dr. David Livingstone had found in Africa. This may hold to make with the fact that his male parent and gramps are.

“ Fogg ” refers to Phileas Fogg, the supporter in the novel of Jules Verne ‘s “ Around the universe in 80 yearss.

Uncle Victor

Uncle Victor is the brother of the female parent of Mark. He is 43 old ages. He works as a clarinettist. He is non ambitious, but a good instrumentalist. It is characterized by certain purposelessness in life. He does non desire to settle down, but is invariably altering. By a thoughtless gag, he left the celebrated Cleveland Orchestra. Then he plays in smaller jazz band: The Moonlight Moods and subsequently the Moon Men. He gives besides clarinet lessons to novices. He is interested in baseball and many other athleticss. His rich imaginativeness and creativeness allow him to fun activities to maintain his nephew Marco. Uncle Victor performs his care for Marco responsibly, but grownups do non exert authorization over Marco. He forms a relationship based on understanding, love and friendly relationship. Marco loves his uncle easy-going life style, his wit and his generousness. Uncle Victor is besides really unfastened minded, loves films and reading,

Thomas Effing / Julian Barber

Thomas Effing, male parent of Solomon and gramps of Marco, was born as Julian Barber. He was a celebrated painter who lived in a house on a drop. He was married to Elizabeth Wheeler, a immature adult female who, after matrimony, turned out to be cold. Julian Barber wanted to go to the West. He lived as a anchorite in the desert for merely over a twelvemonth. Everyone thought he was dead. He decided to alter his name to Thomas Effing and feign he was dead.

The name Thomas was chosen by Julian Barber, because he admired the painter Thomas Moran. Thomas was attacked and became paralytic. He so traveled to Paris, where he remains until the beginning of World War II. Then he moved to a big flat in New York.

Kitty Woo

Kitty is a Chinese miss who falls in love with Marco. Like Mark, she is an orphan. Kitty has a relationship with Marco. Then she has an abortion, and they break-up. After the decease of Effings, Marco wants her dorsum but she refuses.


I thought it was a great book. Auster tells the narrative in such a powerful manner that you want to maintain reading. That, to me, is already the mark of a good book. But, it is all so attractively described and there is wit. Although it seems simple, the people and the events of Marco make the book so exciting / merriment / interesting that you to maintain reading.


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