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August 19, 2017 Tourism


On-the-job preparation ( OJT ) is one of the best preparation methods because it is planned. organized and conducted. OJT is by and large the primary method used to broaden accomplishments and increase productiveness. OJT is dependent upon the trainer holding sufficient cognition and experience to leave to the trainees. OJT is of import and the quality of OJT can be well improved through effectual design. OJT has its advantages. foremost. trainees will hold an chance to pattern their selected Fieldss. Second. they can pattern their promptness. Following. they can better their accomplishments and have an extra cognition in the existent universe and in conclusion the trainees can hold their immediate feedback. Trainings can be an oculus gap because it will truly assist us to believe for a better hereafter. Morale. productiveness and professionalism will be trained on the organisation during our OJT. Those features must be developed on our OJT to be a high universe citizen that is making and constructing our hereafter callings.


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The trainees would wish to admit the people who helped them to do this On-the-job Training to be possible. They are really grateful to the Lord for giving them strength. good wellness and bravery to complete this preparation. They want to show their sincerest gratitude to their household for back uping them financially. emotionally and spiritually. For their friends and schoolmates who cheer them up to carry through this preparation. Besides to their co-OJT’s who helped them to complete their responsibilities. They would besides wish to thank the staffs of Wide Vision Tours for giving them a opportunity to be a portion of the company and for giving them extra cognition on their field. We are appreciatively grateful to our professors for ever being there for us to do us an effectual World Citizen. To our Dean. Ms. Rhodora Lintot. we thank you for being sort and you let us see what we are likely to confront in existent life. To our professor. Ms. Edwina Paz Perez RND. for back uping us in every measure we take. for giving us importance and for rousing us in existent universe.

Company Profile

History of the Company

Wide Vision Tours is a DOT accredited tour bureau and one of the taking travel bureau of group bundle tours in the Philippines for over 13 old ages. Our circuit bundles cater to the undermentioned: College Tourss and exposure trip. educational Tourss for preschool to high school. escapade bundles which include eco-adventure and breaker cantonment. company excursions and squad edifice seminars. We besides do air hose engagements and fining.

Mission Statement

Wide Vision Tours aims to supply the top quality services while maintaining the cost in control. We aim to supply high quality services and wholly safe trips at best possible monetary value. As our company slogan says. “Enjoy ka sodium. Safe Ka pa” . We have immense programs to come on within Philippines as one of the taking travel service supplier and finish direction company.

Organizational Chart


Tour Adviser
Tour Facilitator
Ticketing Officer
Tour Counselor

Wide Vision Tours is located at Unit 2- 2nd floor L. Bldg. Barangay Mayamot. Sumulong main road Antipolo City.

Features and Servicess
Wide Vision Tours offers a merriment and excitement circuit bundles that fits to every individual who wants enjoyment.
Wide Vision Tours packages cater to the undermentioned: College Tourss and exposure trip
Educational Tourss for preschool to high school
Adventure bundles which include eco-adventure and breaker cantonment
Company excursions and squad edifice seminars
They besides do air hose engagements and fining
Personal Experience

As a Tourism pupil. I am grateful that I already finished my first On-the-Job-Training. Bing in a Travel Agency is non that easy for me. we are the 1 who makes paths whenever we have a client who is inquiring for a tour bundle. There are times that the clients are demanding. but we have to explicate them what we have to. We are besides the 1 who will inquire for the rates of some topographic points in Manila so that we can do a bundle for the high school pupils. We get booklets from the Department of Tourism ( DOT ) that we knew that they were located near Luneta Park but so when we got at that place. people said that DOT was transferred at Makita. It was a productive twenty-four hours. but was a exhausting twenty-four hours. We besides depart our clients to the Airport. they are 32 individuals that booked at Wide Vision Tours but they are divided into two because there are no handiness on the same clip of travel to Malaysia. There are times that we need to go to a awarding. the first was at Star City. Wide Vision Tours is the seventh placer. the company brings a batch of pupils at Star City this is because of Sir Jun’s difficult work.

The 2nd awarding was held at Kidzworld. Dasmarinas. City. Wide Vision Tours is the thirteenth placer in the Lucky Me! Happy House Plant. We are proud that we have given a opportunity to go to those presenting. and we are grateful that no affair what. Wide Vision Tours is ever the 1 who makes our Tourss. To be in a Travel Agency is happy. we can larn a batch. we can make things that we didn’t think that we can. Like waking up at 1:00 A. M because we are one of the circuit ushers. Yes. we have experienced to be a existent circuit usher. We went in Bataan to hold their Visita Iglesia. It was a long trip. I’ve experienced to sit in the steps of the coach because there are no sits available. it was all occupied by our riders. It is nice for me that I have experienced that thing. We have learned a batch from this company. and it is like we have faced the existent universe. They let us see what the existent work is. They touch us how to be responsible. they train us good and give us adequate cognition that we can use on our hereafter callings.


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