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Family to Family is a book written by the writer Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee. Dr. Pipes is a leader with the North American Mission Board. He travels around the universe speech production to audiences through assorted conferences and workshops. preparation and fiting many in how to alter lives for Christ. He is an complete writer. hubby and male parent. Victor Lee is from Knoxville. Tennessee. He attends the First Baptist Concord Church. where he serves as the Young Adults Minister. For over 22 old ages he has become an complete writer of several books. and an editor of a assortment of Christian publications. He acts as a Sports Evangelism Consultant for the North American Mission Board. Victor Lee is an complete. writer. hubby and male parent. The book starts out by saying really clearly that. “This book was written for households who desire to hold meaningful household clip. true significance and desire to go through on the bequest of their religion in Christ on to their kids. ”1 This book by Pipes and Lee was written to assist the household with tools and resources to happen their God given intent.

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Also we recommend to read the “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. “The Book Thief” is definitely an astonishing book with one of the best narrator. The book is not made up of big, fancy words that lacks meaning, but instead, the creative and careful wording, as well as the perspective in Death’s narrating has caught my eye. Also you can read essay on this book:

It is designed to animate parents to turn Christ centered households through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Throughout the first few chapters Pipes and Lee provide the readers with piquant inquiries. and activities to transform and turn the household. The writer aid parent to happen and understand their mission given by God as parents. Through the usage of Bibles and many great narratives the writers help to further alterations within the lives of today’s busy households. Pipe and Lee demonstrate through this book that as Christian parent. their mission and their duty is to witness or disciple to their kids to Jesus Christ and to learn or show for them how to populate out a Jesus centered life style.

The writers reasoning chapters teach the readers about ministry evangelism through witnessing to their neighbours. community and friends. “Healthy households spend measure and quality clip around God’s intents. If we truly want to our kids to demur the Gospel. so our committedness to Christ should slop over to those around us who do non cognize Christ. ”2 The writers point out that we as parent have o be willing to deliberately portion the Gospel with others. Piper and Lee conclude the book with emphasizing the importance of day-to-day supplication in our lives in our pursuit to follow Christ.

Concrete Response

This book reminded me of how my parents have and continued to walk talk and demonstrate Jesus Christ in my life. Merely as it is stated in the Bible in the book of Joshua 24:15. “as for me and my family. we will function the Lord. ”3 My female parent made it a mission to hold us larn about Jesus Christ. She may non hold called it a mission by rubric but. it was of import for her and my male parent to fit us as their kids and a Saints of God. This was their end. At a point in my life when I wanted to except Christ I and retrieve my female parent sitting down with me merely as the writer lineations in chapter three: Passing the Baton. She asked me some specific inquiries to be reassured that I was ready to demur Christ for myself. I can retrieve her speaking about how God loves me so much. and Jesus God’s boy. who He was and how Jesus died for me. Yet as I cried from hearing about Jesus deceasing on the cross for me and everyone else she and my male parent comforted me.

The best portion of her narrative to me was that the narrative didn’t terminal when He died. and as I lit up once more. she shared how Jesus Christ rose once more on the 3rd twenty-four hours. I can retrieve urgently desiring to do certain I carried Jesus with me in my bosom daily. I can merely conceive of the joy my parents felt for me that twenty-four hours. This same procedure was done with each of my siblings as we accepted Christ. Our household deliberately devoted clip to pass with Jesus Christ. We prayed together. shared our testimonies with each other and others. We shared our tests and our congratulations studies. As our parents went out witnessing. we went along. learned and participated every bit good.

We were taught to pray for others and for the doomed. My hubby and I have incorporated these same rules in our family. I excessively know and have felt that same joy my parents felt with each of our six kids. Pipes and Lee said it best. “That is what this book is about: raising your household to follow Christ. ”4 This is what the Word of God tells us as trusters as good. “Fathers. do non exacerbate your kids ; alternatively. convey them up in the preparation and direction of the Lord. ”5


Although I truly enjoyed reading Family to Family by writers Pipes and Lee. I find that this book was truly focused on those parents who already know and have a relationship with Jesus Christ and want or need to construct a better Jesus centered household life. In reading this book I feel that today. there are so many non-believers who could profit from the learning rules in this book. We are all so busy these yearss. We are like ships go throughing in the air current. ever coming and traveling. We as parents have to be willing to halt and stand for something within our households. Otherwise what are we truly go throughing on to our kids and their kids? We must be mission driven within our households merely as we are in the concern universe. The writers Pipes and Lee do a great occupation in indicating this fact out. I would hold liked to see more information to assist the reader the parent and future parents to understand the why this is of import.

The writers might hold used more relevant or popular facts refering to society today. They could hold used statistical illustrations of grandparents raising their grandchildren. More significantly. I would hold like to see more information at the beginning of the book to guarantee that the parents understand their relationship with Christ and the direct affect in relation to their kids. After all this is where this procedure begins. As a parent my relationship and my walk with Christ must be in tact in order to take my kids and others to Christ. This book is clearly written for those who desire to go through on the bequest of Christianity in their household.


I see this book as a great workbook for our church households. After reasoning my reading of this book. I decided to run into with my Curate once more. We had discussed in our last session integrating knowing evangelism as portion of our new rank category. We decided to non merely portion the book but really take our new households through the procedure of understanding God program for the household. First we explained God’s program for parents through reading and perusal of Bible. We used Proverbs 22:6 as a footing for this category. “Train up a kid in the manner he should travel. And when he is old he will non go from it. ”6 The writers remind us that. “We are to construction our households in a healthy fashion—a manner prescribed by God—and using its proper significance—the significance applied to it by God. ”7 This would assist each household do an scrutiny of their household. Second. after finding or specifying where each household sees themselves. we would get down by learning what a healthy household is harmonizing to God’s word. found in Deuteronomy chapter six. The household is a societal unit of our society. charged with the intent of transporting God’s word and His message of love for one another.

We would hold some treatment over some cardinal inquiries that should do each member to reflect on their state of affairs: 1 ) Do we pass choice clip together? 2 ) Are we committed to each other every bit good as te whole household? 3 ) Does the ma and pa portion in the engagement and elevation of the kids? 4 ) Does each household member understand their significance in Christ? 5 ) Are the parents actively working the Gospel to portion the Gospel with the kids? 6 ) Is the healthy clip spent together centered on God’s intents? These inquiries will assist to measure where a household presently resides in relation to being a healthy household. Third. would be to make a household application survey. Here the category would hold each of the household members write down all of their activities for a hebdomad. Then. let the parents and the kids to analyse the figure of activities that they do as a household and seek to extinguish at least one activity that is done separately from each household member’s list. As excess clip becomes available happen another household activity to be done together. Fourth. we would hold the households develop a mission statement to include things like ; who the household is and what they stand for.

Each mission statement should include the family’s intent. their ends. and their mission in life as a household harmonizing to God’s word. We would emphasize the importance of every member of the household back uping this household mission. The following measure would be to fit the parents to portion the Gospel with their kids. Teaching the parents to evangelise at place foremost is an assured start to construct a comfort degree for evangelising to others. We all desire for our loved one to be saved. Parents would be taught to inquire the specific inquiries to guarantee their kids are ready to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The Sixth survey for the category would be to portion how parents can mentor their kids. Mentoring is cardinal to constructing religious adulthood in our kids. They would analyze different types of mentoring they should execute ; i. e. mold. being accessible. supply avowal of their children’s awards and achievements. pray with kids every bit good as pray for them. being crystalline. authorising kids. and doing God’s word the centre to all that is done.

The household will so make an activity together of doing watchbands. The watchbands can be a contemplation of their love for God and can besides be a agency of evangelising to others as they see the watchbands and inquire about them. Last. this category would prosecute the household to be a portion of the churches out reach/evangelism ministry. where they go out two Sabbatums of the month as a household and church household and run into the demands of other and evangelism to those who are lost. The parents could let the kids to pray and witness to others with them. What better manner to go forth a bequest than by learning. mentoring. encouraging and praying for our households every bit good as the households of others. What this will carry through is making an avenue for our church households to happen true significance in our lives and the lives of our kids.


1. Fay. William. Share Jesus Without Fear. Nashville. Tennessee: B and H Publishing Group. 1999 2. The Holy Bible. New International Version. Copyright – 2011


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