Book Review On The Secret Garden English Literature Essay

2.Author: French republics Eliza Hodgson Burnett was born in Manchester, England, in 1849.when she was 16 her familie went to the United States, she went on authorship narratives for childeren and adults.Little Godhead Fauntleroy made her celebrated in 1886. in 1905 had she made an other celebrated book Te small princess.she made the secret garden in 1910 she dies in 1924

3 Who are the chief characters?

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* Mary Lenox – She was spoiled, and non every bit beautiful as her female parent. she was so spoilt that she did non even cognize how she would dress her and nil interested her.maar continues the narrative has her now how to cover with feelings. and helps she other people.

*Colin – is the boy of Mr Craven and is really obstinate but besides really frightened. He has a large oral cavity. He wants to see anyone, but when Mary lenox discovered hem they became large buddies.but collin is still covetous. he is really courageous and strong. He gets better in the and of the narrative.

*Martha Sowerby – she is the retainer of Mary lenox, and larn her how to dress her ego.she is really

generous.she cames out a large household and tolt Mary a batch of narrative about them. but she tolt Mary besides about the garden who ‘s locket for 10 old ages.

*Dickon Sowerby – is the brother of Martha. And animate beings love him.he is really sort and helps mary lenox with the secret garden.

4 Where does the narrative take topographic point: in the Begin the narrative takes topographic point in India and so Mary moves to some people who had known here parents ( besides in India ) . later she moves to Yorkshire, in the North of England because here uncle lives at that place.

5. Explain the rubric of the narrative: The rubric is about the garden, that the miss Mary discovery, the garden is a conundrum for every organic structure who lived in the house, cipher now ‘s where the secret garden is or the cardinal. But Mary finds him after 10 twelvemonth the garden is found.

6. What do you peculiarly like and dislike in this book? : What I like about this book is that Mary alterations in the narrative and helped Colin to belief that he do n’t hold a crooked dorsum. And helpes him to larn walking once more. What I did n’t wish about this narrative is that Mary ‘s parents needed to decease before Mary learns how to be here self. And I did n’t wish that Mary held the garden as a secret sebaceous cyst she founded him.

7. What is the book about? Write a short sum-up in approximately 50 sentences:


Cipher Seemed to care approximately small Mary, or the did n’t cognize her. Mary had a thin angry face and thin xanthous hair. when the epidemic broke out and every organic structure around Mary died, was she forgotten until they found her and direct her to some people who had known here parents. She could non interact with kids. That ‘s why she was send to her uncle in England, shred is crooked back.But her Uncle was ne’er at place. She arrived at a really big old house. It looked dark and really undfriendly from the exterior. In the interior Mary looked aroud the large shadowy hall, and it felt really little and lost. She most stay in her room, Because Mr Craven does n’t desire her to roll all over the house. Mary was bored in the large house, so she gosh to see the garden, and started to be friensd with the gardenner and his friend the robbin. Robin was a friendly bird. het friend the gardenner told her the narrative about the secret garden. Sometimes when Mary was in the house she could here a kid weeping. But her was told that it was the air current. When Mary on a forenoon was walking to the garden, and the small redbreast was singing for her she followd him. In so old ages the merely won who was bin in the garden was the small bird.Mary liked her lone friend, But she wanted to be friends with Dickon he was the brother of martha, martha is Mary ‘s servant.Dickon liked animols and animols liked him.The small Robin was easy winging off and mary followd him. He stopped at a topographic point where a Canis familiaris had dug a hole un the land. As mary looked at the hole, she noticed that something was about burried. She put her manus in it and fallt something and pulled it out. It was a old key. Possibly it was the key of the secret garden. She could play in it all by herself, and cipher would cognize she was there.that twenty-four hours she heerd the weeping once more, but was to taird to look for it. the following the she went playing exterior once more and playd with the small bird. and sang with him. She walked along the wall and found a door, it was the door of the secret garden, she found him finally.she met Dickon that twenty-four hours when he was locating on a tree and playd a nice vocal on his flute.she told dickon a few twenty-four hours ‘s later that she found the garden. He

wanted to assist mary with the garden.a few hebdomads subsequently she met her uncle with his crooked back. She sayd that Mister poltroon is a really nice adult male, but he looked really unhappy.a few hebdomads subsequently she herd the crayng once more an she must happen what it is.She was wolking in the house and behind a door she herd a really loud weeping. Then she met mr craven sun Colin he was really jealous.When mary whent to the garden because he was ill she must hold thing he was pitiful.But that ‘s non what she thing she wanted to assist him of his thought that he is ill and gads a crooked back.and that ‘s

what she did on a twenty-four hours, she took him to outside she brought him to the garden and he wanted to assist to. But still he was really jealoius at Dickon because Mary and he where really goodfriends.the gardenner heard some loud loving but it come from over the wall, he start climming and saw Mary, Dickson and Colin. He was traveling to assist at the garden to. Colin was get downing to acquire beter, he was leurning to walk and he was good at it to. cipher was allowed to to cognize he could wolk. Merely Mary and Dickon know he could wolk. At one twenty-four hours his male parent was believing off the garden because he was saw a flower. A few yearss subsequently he was gowing to his place at England to see his small male child. He was afraid he had a crocked dorsum to but when he saw his Sun he could non believe his eyes. They found the garden he left efter his

married woman died. And his Sun wasend sick.



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