Book Title Twilight Breaking Dawn English Literature Essay

August 22, 2017 English Literature

I think they are two chief events. The matrimony, honeymoon, the gestation and the program to kill Bella and the babe. First event is about Bellas matrimony and honeymoon with Edward. They spend their honeymoon on a private island owned by Carlisle who bought it for Esme so that ‘s why they called it Isle Esme. They splendid two hebdomads into their honeymoon. Bella and Edward instantly return place to Pitchfork a After reaching Carlisle, who confirms her gestation. The foetus continues to develop with unnatural celerity. The foetus is traveling to kill her and that concerned Edward for Bella ‘s life. He told her to abort the gestation. She refuses it because she feels a connexion with her babe.

The 2nd event is about Jacob ‘s wolf battalion program to destruct the babe and kill Bella. Jacob strongly protests this determination and leaves. He decided to organize his ain battalion with Seth and Leah Clearwater. The foetus in Bella ‘s organic structure grows fast. The babe breaks many of her castanetss and her spinal column, Bella loses besides much blood. To salvage her life, Edward changes her into a lamia by shooting his venom into her bosom.

The narrative takes topographic point in the present but I do n’t cognize precisely, they use nomadic phones and air planes and velocity boats so I think they live in the twenty-first century.

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The nuptials was at the Cullen ‘s house someplace in the forests, in the metropolis Forks, Washington. While their honeymoon they are remaining at Isle Esme, near by the seashore of Brazil.

Bella has long, brown hair and a bucket tegument and she is really sensitive, she is a soundless miss, one that does n’t desire to be in the image. She does n’t talk much in public. She thinks merely of other people* or what she did incorrectly. Bella is besides a awful liar** and she is really clumsy*** because she has a balance upset.

There are many developments that Bella goes through in this book. But the most of import thing is that she became a lamia. It happens did n’t happened in the manner she had planned. The purpose was that after she graduates from school she would be transformed. But Bella felt still non rather certain about it. Finally she has nil more that they inherited was changed, because she was on the brink of deceasing. If Edward and Jacob had waited until Carlisle became place, she died. So Edward injected his venom in her bosom, and seize with teeth her everyplace. Bella was transformed.

* ” If your life was all you had to give your beloved, how could you non give it? ”

** ” certain it is, Bella, certain it is. If everything is so great, so why are you sudating slugs? ”

“ I ‘m non sudating, ” I lied.

*** ” all righty, so. Whoops-oh, no! ”

The cup Bella had left on the couch tumbled to one side, the dark ruddy blood sloping out onto the pale cloth.

Edward Cullen

Edward is the hubby of Bella. His skin expressions like marble his hair is brown, he loves much music genres and he has a splinter Volvo C40 Sport.

Jacob Black

Jacob is a good friend of Bella, her male parent and his male parents are the best friends.

He can transform in a wolfman if he is angry or it is necessary. His battalion is the enemy of the lamias.

Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee is the girl of Edward and Bella she is a half human and half lamia. She has brown eyes and the same hair coloring material of her male parent, but has curly hair inherited from her gramps, Charlie. Her tegument is warm and quietly but even strong as a lamia tegument.

The rubric symbolizes the new forenoon when Bella feels Renesmee, like a new life it besides the forenoon when Bella wakes up in her new organic structure.

If I wrote a new terminal I would do it so that if a subsequence would come, it can be continued.

Why? This narrative has a unusual stoping so there would be a subsequence. In every love narrative is there ever a happy stoping. I think that if I make a sad terminal, the narrative will ne’er stop.

My new narrative will state what go on in the hereafter of Edward, Bella and Reneesmee. They would so travel on holiday like normal people and see how they fit in at that place.

Making things that normal people do like walking and other amusing things.

In my narrative would besides hold a 2nd kid. The Volturi will non hold and Jacobs ‘s wolf battalion will run into the Cullen ‘s. The Cullen ‘s and the wolf battalion of Jacob will contend until the Volturi falls. The terminal will as normal, stop happy.

I was an easy book to read. I would non read the subsequence, because I do non truly similar love affair and love narratives. Besides, this narrative is non truly exciting if you read “ exciting ” books as existent offense thrillers.

In this book they tell a narrative between human and lamia, a lamia does non be so it ‘s a bogus animal.

I prefer to read books that could existent go on in existent life. I read non much, so this book for me was much excessively thick, it taken excessively long before I was finished.

I think there are merely a few actions in the book, possibly you can do it more exited to convey new characters in the book. Possibly should decease person, ore let something go on and make non come back on this event.

But I found it a good narrative if lamias exist.


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